Friday, 31 May 2013

Ex-Smoker Syndrome

Am I developing Ex-Smoker Syndrome/Mentality????
Mark finds it funny, in an "I told you so" sort of way.
I now get the whole" anti-smoking" campaigners and why they bitch and moan about smoking at entrances and in cars and and and.....
Yesterday morning someone was smoking outside and my whole office stank like a freshly lit cigarette. Mark came and checked something on my laptop and looked at me in disgust and said "Have you just had a smoke?"  I don't think he believes me when I said NO and protested loudly that why would I lie to myself, but I don't blame him, because often it smells like I am smoking in here and I can't even see who or where the person is who was smoking outside.

The other day a Client walked in with a tiny little Maltese puppy and I held it and all I could smell on it was stale smoke. I did not even know that she smoked, until that day. I could never smell smoke before, obviously, because I smelt of smoke and was so used to the smell after 35 years - it was a part of me.

Earlier today an old lady walked into reception and she stank like old stale cigarettes and as she spoke this old stale smoke smell just wafted over me and I wanted to puke and still feel ill from the smell and said to Mark if I do start smoking again, then I am a real imbecile, because now I know how disgusting the smell of cigarettes are, especially the stronger brands. YUCK YUCK YUCK and years ago I used to smoke Chesterfield and Mark's Winston's.

So on this WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY I can proudly say that I am 27 days smoke free. I remember the first time hearing about No Tobacco Day I was at school and even then I could not go without a cigarette for a day and today is the first time ever that I have observed  World No Tobacco Day. Before I did not even think about it or acknowledge it.


I have always believed that Hubbly's are worse than smoking - all that sharing and germs sucking on a pipe YUCK YUCKIER YUCKIEST!!!!!

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