Monday, 20 May 2013

Two Weeks & Two Days

At 17h00 today, I will be two weeks and two days smoke free. The cravings are not that intense, but are still there.
My concentration levels are much better, but that could be from the Omega 3; 6; 9 that I am taking.
The worst part is my appetite has increased in leaps and bounds and I cannot afford to put on weight - I have a healthy appetite even when I do smoke. That is enough to make me quit giving up!!!

The other side effects are just as awful.

  • My skin has broken out in spots - strangely all around my mouth area and chin. 
  • I am so bloated and retaining so much fluid, I have had to start taking diuretics
  • I am so tired and lethargic - whoever said when you give up smoking you are filled with an abundance of energy is lying.
  • Strangely enough my cravings do not cause me to get irritated like they did before I decided to quit and ran out of smokes or could not smoke for whatever reason. If I get angry it is because some one has pi$$ed me off, NOT, because I can't smoke

I think the most difficult part of giving up is the side effects from not smoking - they are real and they are nasty and it makes it so much easier to just say to hell with it, smoking is better than this - BUT!!!!
To hear Chad say, "Mom, I am so proud of you" cancels out all the bad side effects as I get through one more day.

Please excuse the typo's; grammatical errors and spelling errors, which I know are worse than ever, but to go back and check over what I have typed is such an effort, especially considering I just read what I want to read anyway and don't pick up the errors

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