Friday, 30 August 2013


On Tuesday I abandoned this ...........................

For this....................

So not only did I steal time from work on Tuesday morning, but I also went for a Manicure and Pedicure during working hours on Tuesday afternoon. A new salon opened at the same center as Chad's gym and I told Mark the other week that I was thinking that I should have a pedicure whilst Chad is at gym, instead of driving up and down fetching him.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem taking Chad to gym, my problem is that I HATE driving with a passion and these days I do so much driving and I hate it. Ever since I mentioned making an appointment at the salon, Mark asks me everyday when I am going to make the appointment - don't ask me why!! He has either realized that I am not really that high maintenance and I don't spend loads of money on myself or he thinks I will be more relaxed, less stressed, whatever the reason, he was more interested in me making the appointment than I was. He even offered to pay for it and then, because he had no cash on him when I left,  he said he will pay me back. Except Mark thought a manicure was french tips so was very confused when he saw my nails short and just varnished and  has conveniently forgotten to pay me back :(

To be honest, I don't really see the point of going to a salon to have a mani and or pedi done. I did a professional nail course, so can and do, do my own. I did Fibre; Silk; Acrylic and Gel Tips and basic manicures and pedicures. I can't do Fibre and Silk, it is far too fiddly and intricate and the smell of Acrylic almost makes me pass out, so lets not lie - I can do gel nails and tips only and I can do my own, but I don't because they damage your natural nails and my nails grow long and they grow quickly anyway. Mark asked why I never had tips and I asked why I would waste money on tips when my nails grow long naturally. He looked at me as if I was crazy, because my nails are short - I cut them on Monday night, because they were starting to break.

The whole idea was to relax and spoil myself whilst Chad was at gym, I made the appointment on Monday when I dropped him off at gym, but it turned out that he had to stay at school until 5 and only remembered on Tuesday morning. So what do they say about best laid plans............. never turns out that way.

I got back to work at 15h40 and then had to leave in peak our traffic at 16h20 to fetch Chad from school and he ended up waiting forever for me to get to school, because they never finished at 5, but at 4.20. I know it is only once in a blue moon that they have to stay after school to do work, but it does not take away the fact that it is a nuisance and inconvenient. You have to fight traffic to get to school, then fight traffic to get home from school - which is a nightmare. Then Chad still wanted to go to gym, so it was back home so he could get his stuff and then off to gym, then back home again. I ended up clocking up more mileage than ever, just because I decided to relax and spoil myself, but yesterday I was let off driving, because his personal trainer picked him up from home and dropped him off again.

Then on Tuesday 10 September, he has to do a Hotel & Catering Exam from 2 until 9 pm. On a Tuesday night - that really messes with my sleep. Chad chose easy subjects at school and it turned out worse than if he had taken difficult academic subjects. I told him last night that if he put half as much determination into his school work as what he has with gym, he would be a straight A student. He is already regretting his subject choice and knows he should have taken more academic subjects, but its done and since Clinty died, I have this philosophy of why make school and school work hell and stressful. I made Clint do maths and science and going to extra maths killed him and on the day he died he was so stressed about science homework that had to be done that afternoon and even a group of boys got together and could not figure it out. What was the point of all of it. Chad can always do a bridging course later, when he is older and more mature.

Hopefully, this weekend I will get to update my blog and post about our weekend away in June - two months ago already and just maybe our December holiday. At least now it is warming up, so it is not that tempting to lie in bed and sleep all weekend. Although now that the sun is setting later and later, we have been leaving work even later not realizing that it is so late.

Fortunately, Sheila starts dinner most nights for me. I usually prepare half the night before or in the morning and she starts cooking then I finish off. On Monday, I overslept and woke up so late. I set my alarm for 5.45 instead of 4.45 and then still fell asleep until what I thought was 5.10 and jumped out of bed when I realized it was ten past 6, so my whole day was out of sync. Thinking of what to have for dinner at 5 in the morning is not ideal at the best of times.

Chad always teases Sheila and gives her such a hard time and she hates her photo being taken when she has her work clothes on so hid her face when Chad took this photo of her watching the food whilst it cooks. I always tell her she does not have to stay in the kitchen, she just has to check on it. Chad took the photo and told her he is going to send it to me so I can see she is sitting doing nothing. Thank heavens she knows Chad so well and knows he is joking otherwise she would have left long ago.

Sheila and her dog - Jingles

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