Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Stealing Time From Work

You know that feeling when you have so much work, but don't know where to start or want to start. As usual I am so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open. So I am at work, but bunking work. Our animals are starting to become such a problem, because they are affecting my quality of sleep and therefore my quality of life too. Mark and I have this "Thing" going on between us, where he says that the animals bring us so much joy - (I used to think so too), I say they bring no joy and are affecting the quality of my life.

Jingles and Miss Piggy are the worst. Jingles can jump up on the bed, she is a Jack Russell after all and very nimble on her feet, but every night she wakes me up to put her on the bed, exactly the same way Miss Piggy does. They scratch at me like I am a freaking door that they are trying to open and whimper and whine, until I lift them up. Then Pluto starts, at least Spike goes off to Chad's room. We have laminated wooden floors so before I get scratched at, I get woken up with tick tick tick up and down the floors. The lighter the dog (Jingles) the louder and more irritating the tick tick noise is. I told Mark the other day that I know what it is like to be tortured. No disrespect to anyone that has been captured and tortured, because I know it is nothing like that, but sleep deprivation is a form of torture and that is how I feel right now. The tick tick tick on the floors letting me know that the torture of not getting back to sleep is about to start, then having to lift them onto the bed, then they spread out on the bed and I have little or no space to sleep. Then the battle to get back to sleep and Mark's snoring and loud breathing - I can feel my blood pressure rushing up sky high when I am supposed to be fast asleep resting. If one thing is true about being Aquarius is that YOU DO NOT MESS WITH AN AQUARIUS' SLEEP - and that applies to me.

Last week on Tuesday night at exactly 23h55, I woke up to the sound of Chad puking in the other bathroom. I jumped out of bed with such a fright and went to see if he was OK. He was sitting slumped on the bathroom floor next to the toilet, puking is heart out. He told me to go back to bed and that he was fine - he says I sprinted back to bed, I was so happy I did not have to sit up with him. Not entirely true, but I was not going to argue with him and get into a fight about wanting to stay up with him when he did not want me to. Chad is as stubborn as can be. I have to admit that I took advantage and or was just too tired to get up the rest of the night when I heard him getting up to puke, about 5 or 6 times during the night.

He wanted to go to school - no not because he loves school and school work so much, but because he did not want to miss gym, but as he got out of bed he started puking again. During the night he had been sick on his linen and did not tell me and just threw it all in the bath and slept with just the duvet inner and no pillow cases. I made his bed for him with clean linen and told him that he should have told me so that I could have changed his linen during the night. He did not think it was necessary. I gave him a valoid, which he declined during the night when I went to check on him. The valoid and lack of sleep knocked him out, but whilst he was half sleeping and half awake when I had left for work he got sick again.

I came home at 11 to take him to the doctor, but he send he felt better and did not want to go to the doctor. He slept on and off for most of the day and ate nothing and only drank a bit of coke. He had no supper, but felt fine and said he was going to school the next day. The wind was howling during the night, blowing icy gales so when I woke up, I decided staying at home would do him more good than harm and left him to sleep. He was not impressed, because not going to school meant no gym and jumped out of bed to go shower, but felt weak and nauseous and happily stayed at home again. He lay in the lounge watching TV the whole day and ate nothing, but drank lots of coke and Fuse Tea. On Thursday night, I did not feel like cooking so we had Steers. Mark bought the new rib promo burgers, Chad ate his, he was so hungry from not eating for two days. When I went to bed I asked how he was feeling and he said fine, but it felt like his food was sitting here (just below his diaphragm), but he did not feel sick and did not want to take a valoid.

That should have set off warning bells for me and it half did, because I fell asleep wondering why he felt that his food was sitting there, but because the Steers Burgers were not nice and made me feel queasy, I did not give it much though, until midnight when we were awoken to Chad being sick AGAIN. I made him take a valoid and a bit of creme soda and we managed to get some sleep. I took him to the doctor and Chad who used to tell the doctor every little sign and symptom when he was little, has now grown up and told her very little, so she said it was from the change in diet and all the protein which has caused acid re-flux. I think he did have a bug and having a rich burger after being sick for two days, just started the puking again. She treated him for the nausea and for acid re-flux and by Sunday he was feeling much better, but has cut down on the protein, because he was dreaming about chicken just before he woke up to be sick the other night. He is happily back at gym, but not so happily back at school.

When he was little, every time he went to the doctor, he had to know exactly what was wrong with him, the name of the illness, how serious it was and what caused it and and and then he would tell everyone he had pneumonia :-). When we went to Mozambique when he was about 6 and he had to take his malaria tablets, he would say every day "Mommy must I have my pneumonia medicine so I don't get pneumonia" On Sunday afternoon when he said "so what was wrong with me" I replied you had a tummy bug and he said I know, but what was wrong. I just packed up laughing. Somethings change, some always stay the same and Chad will always be my little cutey pie.

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