Sunday, 11 August 2013

Women's Day; Weekends And Other Things

Happy Belated Women's Day, here's hoping your day was filled with love and respect!!!
I am not into the whole RA-RA of special days like Women's Day, because lets be honest how many of us actually view it as anything more than a Public Holiday; a day off work and a day that hopefully turns a weekend into a long weekend, like this weekend.

However, I do believe that the women of yesteryear, who fought for the freedom of all women, who marched to the union buildings in 1956, should be commemorated and honored. I do believe that their fight should not have been in vain and that the fight for freedom of all women must carry on. The rape and abuse of all women and children must come to an end.

I heard a horrific story from Thandi, who works for us. The other day, about 2 weeks ago when she was on her way home, she arrived in her street and there were police, ambulances; medics and half the community outside. She lives in Zandspruit, more commonly known as Honeydew Squatter camp. A little girl, 3 or 4 years old was found in one of the houses (a shack) - for those who don't know Zandspruit or South Africa - squatter camps are a dime a dozen across the country, with people living in ZoZo Huts; Tin shanties anything for a roof over their heads. I don't know who or how they found the little girl, but she had been brutally raped and beaten all day by her mother's boyfriend. Mom went to work and left the child - not his child- in his care and they say she was raped all day. Who does that to a little baby girl? What sick bastard does it? The police were furious with the mother for leaving the child with her boyfriend, but did she know she was living with such a sick twisted cruel person. A neighbor apparently suspected that he abused the little girl, but said nothing for fear of causing trouble. If only she acted on her suspicions it might have prevented it from getting to such an extent that the little girl is now in ICU fighting for her life.  I know this is minor to the rape, but to illustrate the extent of the cruelty and rage, the little girl had long braids in her hair, these were ripped off in one sweep and were found lying on the floor. That in itself must have been sheer torture and pain with the feeling of being scalped. It is just horrific. These horror stories need to end, because they are not stories they are real and it happens far too often. So often that this did not even make the news, not even the local newspaper. How tragic and sick is that. To that dear little girl. You are in our thoughts with much love and light to get through the pain and trauma.

Now onto more pleasant things. We had a quiet day yesterday. Chad and Mark were going to go to Tarlton Raceway for the Fast Fest, but we woke up to hard rain. During the night Garfield woke me up to loud thunder, she hates it. I fell asleep again, not sure whether it was a dream or real. I woke up and it was pitch dark and the dogs wanted to go out. I was cussing and cursing, because they woke me up so early - except it was already 8 am but pitch dark.

Chad went to gym at 10, still debating on whether to go to Tarlton or not. I found out via Twitter that it was still on, plus the weather turned out great and it was a lovely sunny, but crisp winter's day. In the end they decided not to go, but to rather stay home and watch movies.

We watched "Blitz Patrollie". A South African Movie. I was not sure if I wanted to watch it. The name put me off and reminded me of a really amateur movie, an embarrassment to South Africa. Chad convinced me that it had our favorite comedians in it - yes they are good comedians, BUT can they act. I gave in and we downloaded it from box office. I wanted to watch "Guilt Trip" so I kinda sulked.

I didn't think it would be good, but watched anyway, because Chad convinced me that I should watch it. Chad loves watching David Kau and Kagiso Lediga on comedy central and also thinks Joey Rasdien is hilarious. Joey Rasdien was in "Material" another brilliant South African movie. So for Chad the cast made the movie brilliant even before seeing it. Chad is a Comedy Central junkie and watches the same skits over and over and he always gets me to watch with him. As for the guy who plays "Happy" the gay soccer star - who said about 3 words - that just made Chad's day - if you can get a "comedian hero" then he is Chad's. I don't know who he is, but Chad has seen him on some you tube video and thinks he is brilliant.

I have to admit, I was wrong and the movie was worth watching. All I can say is South Africa has so much character and with all the crime; corruption; potholes and general disrespect for the law in the country - by everyone, we are still such a colourful country and who cannot be proud to say they live in this country. Movies like Blitz Patrollie and Jozi and Finding Lenny and White Wedding to name but a few, bring out that "character and colourfulness" that makes South Africa the country we love. They highlight the negativity and flaws through humour, but the negatives are small in comparison. I am proudly South African and will always support South African movies. We have come such a long way since the Leon Schuster movies being the only South African movies to our credit and embarrassment. Those I am sorry to say I can't stand and don't watch or only watched in the past because I was "forced" to. In other words family outings or staying home alone. Now it is home alone.

So that was our Women's Day in a nutshell.

Spike & Mark Asleep As Usual - And Piggy Not Impressed

PS I am still smoke free - 3 months and 1 week - and the cravings are still as strong as week 3 :(

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