Thursday, 5 September 2013

Four Months

I must admit that I am cheating, by typing this in advance, but I know I won't have time to post this on the 4 September. Today I am four months smoke free and I know I sound like a stuck record and very whiny and negative, but I still have not felt the health benefits to having given up smoking. What I have found is that:

  • I am so breathless, to a point that I am starting to get worried that I do have a lung disease
  • I have no energy and am out of breathe from doing the slightest thing -not even exerting myself
  • Food does not taste any better - tastes the same or not nice at all.
My dentist told me when I first gave up that your cells regenerate every 2 weeks, so surely by now my cells are all new and I should be feeling the benefits of having given up smoking. All the wonderful things the anti-smoking lobbyists brag about. I am just not getting this whole anti-smoking thing and am afraid that I might just start smoking again. OK, I am convinced that I can type this post in advance and won't have started smoking by the 4th. This is just giving me more motivation to not start smoking again. I just wish I could feel these benefits.

I was also very unimpressed with the Kickbutt program. The first half was excellent and very motivating and then it almost appeared as if they had run out of material or ideas. The second half was all about making amends with people you have wronged, because that is why you have an addiction. Sorry, but I totally disagree, I know many people who have not touched cigarettes, alcohol; drugs or any other addiction, but have disgusting morals and do wrong to others. For me that part of the program  was really stupid and put me off the whole program. 

So for the two main reasons why most people give up smoking - for their health and to save money just has not worked for me. I have spent all my savings and more on medical expenses. 

I have cut out my Lays Lightly Salty Chips - they were my Go To every time I craved a smoke, until I found out my blood pressure was sky high. I have replace them with cucumber slices, but was still eating chocolates, biscuits and chips, just not Lays Lightly Salted to the extent that I did before. Like 3 or 4 packets a day - so bad.

Last Monday I embarked upon a healthy low cholesterol; low salt diet and yes embarked upon, because it is going to be such a mission to eat healthily and not smoke. Oh the horror, I have made it a week lets see how much longer.

So now I am eating healthy meals like this

Brown Basmati Rice Stir Fry With Salad & Lemon Dressing

Instead of meals like this

and my huge plate of food might be the same amount of calories as the Steers burger (minus the fries and coke) but it is far more filling than a burger and does not leave me feeling bloated. I have to do something about this unhealthy feeling, so I am now eating a low cholesterol diet of steamed chicken every other day; tuna every other day, some days brown Basmati rice with stir fry vegetables, lots of tomato; lettuce and cucumber; avocado and banana every other day. My biggest let down is mayonnaise. I find it extremely difficult to eat salad without mayo. I record my food on Fatsecret, which you can read about over here  I have used it before to keep a log of the food I consume. I used it the last time I went on a low cholesterol diet, but much to my dismay, this time I realized whoever added the Crosse & Blackwell Mayonnaise  onto Fatsecret, did not add the cholesterol value so it does not add to my cholesterol intake for the day, which is a problem. I need to go on there and see if I can edit it.

Lets see if I can be as disciplined with my healthy food diet as I have been with smoking and we will meet up on the 4 January 2013 - 4 months time - (shew can you believe it in 4 months it will already be 2014) to see if I am still smoke free and on a healthy diet. Smoking yes - healthy eating No

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