Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Happy Heritage Day SA

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa. A Public Holiday that celebrates and recognizes the cultural wealth of our nation. In recent years it has been known as Braai Day. Braai means to cook your meat on a fire/open flame - barbecue.  I don't know who came up with the idea to change the name to National Braai Day or why, other than the fact that many South Africans braai on weekends and Public Holidays and Heritage Day is the first Summer/Spring Long Weekend or Public Holiday if it does not fall on a Monday or Friday. Here is a link to the National Braai Day Website, which will give you far more insight to the reason and meaning behind the name change. National Braai day is not reflective of all cultures in South Africa and I do believe that there are people/cultures who feel insulted by the meaning of the holiday being taken so lightly and the unofficial name change to braai day. So no matter how you celebrate the 24th of September, may it be a day filled with fun; love, happiness and most of all respect for others' culture and traditions.

What really sucks is that we had to work yesterday, so no long weekend for us and we would have all benefited from a break from work, but sadly our boss is a slave driver - a champion for braais on any day, come snow, rain or sunshine, but not on National Braai Day, it would seem.

And That In There Is A Killer Roast Mark Does In The Braai
 I really wanted to go away this weekend and even informed our Clients in our monthly newsletter that we would be closed on Monday the 23rd. I had this strong need/desire/want to go to the Kruger National Park, in memory of Clint. You can read about Chad's trip to the Kruger Park with my parents over here and here and here. I mulled it over and over in my head - we would be travelling on Clint's birthday and how would I deal with that. How would I deal with having a good time without Clint being there with us. With his birthday being on the 21 September, we almost always went away for his birthday. So we were always going Camping; Or On Steam Engine Excursions for the weekend or just to spend the day at the dam on Clint's birthday.

I was also feeling very guilty that Chad never gets to go away as often as we used to and I was wrestling with all these feelings and guilt and eventually I just knew that I could not go away and enjoy myself and what just clinched it for me is when Chad said he doesn't like going away and did not want to go anyway. In actual fact I don't think Chad ever really liked going away even when he was little. The more I think back the more I realize that I think he used to secretly wish we would forget him behind when we went away. He always used to sit quietly in the lounge watching TV, whilst we packed the car and as we were leaving we would go call him. Believe you me if we did leave him behind he would have screamed blue murder and once we got to wherever we were going he would have fun.

Now we just do nothing on the 24th, we don't go away, because it is over Clint's birthday, but I would have really liked to have had Monday off to have a long weekend, but slave driver Mark said we must work and we were busy to, so he was happy that we did open up. The weekend before we had to rush down to Ballito to sort business drama out, so Mark took that as our weekend away.

So today, other than posting stuff on my blog, I need to finish my vat recon, which should have been finished yesterday, but there was too much emotion going on inside me to work really hard last week, so I have to work today. Chad is at gym and has been there for the better half of the morning and Mark has gone to visit his grandparents. Plus the weather has warmed up again and it is a lovely warm Spring Day today

And that is what our first "Summer" long weekend is all about these days..........

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