Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy Spring Day - SA!!

Its hard to believe that today is the first day of Spring in South Africa - it is so cold today, but not nearly as cold as yesterday and Friday night. Temperatures dropped to an overnight low of 1 and minus 1 in Joburg, it was snowing in Cape Town on Friday, freezing cold and blowing icy gales in Joburg yesterday, but today the wind has stopped blowing and it is a very crisp fresh cold, but sunny day.

I say it would not be spring day in Joburg if it was not freezing cold. Others don't seem to agree. Social media is a buzz with "whats up with this weather?" "sign of the times" "global warming"  Well "sign of the times" and "global warming" must have been going on for 40 years or more. I remember being at school and planning what to wear for Spring Day and planning all summery clothes only to wake up that morning and it was freezing cold - and not once, but more often than not. I remember it snowing in September. I lived on the South Coast of Natal so never saw the snow, but snow it did and it was bitterly cold down at the coast.

People forget, I guess it is part of being human, we forget so we can heal from pain, we forget how cold it was so we can face winter again; we forget the good with the bad; the important with the unimportant - that is how we survive I guess.

I am predicting that the wind has now finally blown the cold away and by this time next week it is going to be so hot in Joburg, we will have forgotten how cold it was yesterday. Then by the end of September after all the complaints of how hot it is and how we need the rain, the skies will open in October and the rain will fall non stop until the end of the year. That's how I always remember the weather patterns. We do need the rain, just look at how dry our Jasmine plant is. I love it when the Jasmine starts flowering, the smell of Jasmine in the air and the pretty flowers are the perfect sign that no matter how cold it is today  - winter is almost over.

And with Spring in the air, albeit cold, it is time to shed the winter skin too. Chad has become quite the metro-sexual and is nothing like his father. He cleanses his face with Garnier 3 in 1 Face wash, waxes or plucks his Uni-brow and sometimes when he has spots he even puts a Garnier Face Mask on. Admittedly not as religiously as he should, like morning and night, but he does take care of his skin. Mark just shakes his head, because he is as far from metro-sexual as can be. Then again we  have come along way since Colgate Apple Shampoo; deodorant and breeze soap for men, but  Mark is still stuck in that era.

The only thing I disagree with Chad doing and I try and talk him out of it, is going in a tan can at gym. Mark also disagrees. We both feel he can tan in the garden, because even in Winter, the sun is hot enough to tan. Tanning beds and tan cans are not safer than the sun and they can also cause skin cancer. Well, Chad won that battle and he has now been in the tan can twice, but for only 10 minutes each time. He went on Saturday and Sunday and has now decided that I was right and he should have prepared his skin first. So tonight he is going to exfoliate his skin with Radox and Sea Salt - wait till his dad finds out about that. Tomorrow he is going in the tan can for 20 minutes - or so he thinks.

We just have to teach Mark to move forward with the times and to get over the men only use soap and deodorant era.

Radox & Sea Salt Scrub

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