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Hospitality Practical Exam 10 September 2013 - 18h30 To Late.......... Part One

So the big exam happened and we made it unscathed - BUT there are no photos as evidence. No photos allowed said Chad. I told him I needed photos for my blog - he said no and No is No. So the only photo I have is this one below of him looking for a white shirt the night before - late the night before.

"Oh and mom I need black jeans" that was as he was rushing out the door at 6.30 on the morning of the exam.

Mom knew he needed black jeans - mom knew he needed a white shirt - mom took him to buy said items about two weeks ago. The conversation went something like this:

Chad: "Mom will you take me to the other gym so I can have a can tan?"
Mom: "OK, then we will go buy you some new clothes"
Chad: "Nah I don't need clothes now"
Mom: "Yes you do and you need black jeans for your cooking exam"
Chad: "I have black jeans"
Mom: "No you don't - those are not black jeans"

I could bore you with the whole conversation that went something like yes they are no they are not, which went on and on and on. We did get to Northgate, we did walk into clothing shops and we did glance at black jeans/white shirts, but that is about all we did, whilst repeating the "I have black jeans - No You don't" conversation. Don't get me wrong Chad likes buying clothes, just prefers shopping with his father and has a thing about being perceived as a mommy's boy.

And the story of my life - there is still plenty of time and plenty of time ends up being at 21h30 the night before, and we are still on the black jeans that are black saga, but he didn't have a white shirt. Mark had two brand new white shirts in his cupboard that he bought close on ten years ago. He has never worn them, not once ever, they just hung there aging. The plan was to wash it, hang it up and Sheila would iron it in the morning and I would drop it off at school at normal pick up time.

All good plans and all, the white shirts had yellow aged stains all over them - the one still had the tags on, but was covered in stains. Chad convinced the washing machine would solve that problem, I knew better, but I also know better than to argue with Chad. So with one shirt in the washing machine, I go and bath and Chad goes to watch TV. Washing done - shirt still aged yellow, Chad's response wash the other one I am sure it will come clean. "Chad' its not dirty it has 'aged stains" on it - I am not wasting water and washing another single shirt in the machine"  OK my fault I should have washed both, but we had long packed the other one away. So after an explanation of what "aged stains" are, we decide on plan b, I go clothes shopping in the morning, Sheila polishes Mark's black Bronx shoes (new black shoes also declined on clothes shopping day we walk around shops arguing); Chad goes to school in the black jeans and I drop the polished shoes and new white shirt off at 13h40. Everything planned and we go to bed.

Flying out the door on Tuesday morning Chad shouts "Bye mom, I also need a pair of black pants please thanks bye" 

I wasn't quite sure if it meant bring the black jeans jeans that are not really black as such or buy a pair of black jeans - I am hoping for bring the black jeans. Alas it was buy the jeans. After a quick discussion with Mark when we got to work,  about how Chad stresses me out and how I don't know if it is buy or bring black jeans, Mark promptly informed me "No you must buy him black pants"  like I was confused and should have known. Yep I should have known.

Off I rush to the shops at 9.45, later than I wanted to go, but early enough not to mess up my day and not get any work done. I wish...... Here is my whats app history with Chad regarding the buying of black pants.:

9/10/2013 09:55: Dianne: Skinny leg or straight and must shirt be plain white or can have black buttons
9/10/2013 10:16: Chad: As long as it smart straight leg
9/10/2013 10:18: Dianne: So not levi jeans
9/10/2013 10:18: Dianne: Black
9/10/2013 10:19: Dianne: Or like suit pants
9/10/2013 10:19: Dianne: U shld have done this yesterday instaed of gym I am so stressed
9/10/2013 10:22: Dianne: Call m$e when ui are at break and do not forget coz if u do u won't have cloths
9/10/2013 11:08: Chad: Just talk now through watapp
9/10/2013 11:27: Dianne: Seriously chad?????
9/10/2013 11:28: Dianne: I am back at work u seriously stress me out so badly & so unnecessarily

So it was not black jeans - it was smart black pants and Chad never responded so I just bought what I thought would be appropriate. Break is from 10h40 to 11h05 and as you can see by the timeline, he never called or contacted me by any other means during break.

The school letter was quite clear about what to wear - so why are we confused:
Copied from school letter:

"Please ensure that your child dresses correctly on the day:

•             Chefs jacket (if you have already purchased one)
•             Closed comfortable shoes
•             Blue jeans
•             No jewellery
•             No nail polish
•             Hair tied back
•             Plain white T-Shirt

•             Smart white shirt
•             Black pants/jeans
•             Closed comfortable shoes

Students to arrive at school dressed in their normal attire and will change before service."

When I arrived at school, I arrived at 13h40, normally I am early, but had to go home so Sheila could iron the shirt for me and to collect the shoes, so I just made it. He walked up to the car with a very relieved/I love you mom/knew you would never not bring my stuff like you threatened - kind of look on his face.

This post was not meant to be so long, but the morning felt as long as what this post is so I will post about the actual exam/dinner later today. This post I am doing at work and Mark knows why I am not working today - a long long story for another day, but I really wanted to post about his exam so that procrastination does not get in the way of me posting it and I still haven't.

So till part two......................

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