Thursday, 19 September 2013

How I Know Winter Is Over

The other night when Chad was looking for clothes for his Hospitality Exam, I walked past the cupboard and saw this huge mosquito on the cupboard door. I had an itchy bite on my arm, which I thought was strange for so early in Spring. This little  huge bugger must have been hiding out all Winter and as the weather started warming up she crept out of her hiding place and started feasting on my arm. She was so full and heavy with blood that she could hardly move and did not even
 budge when I took the photo.

First Mosquito For Spring 2013

The next reason that I know Winter is over is because it is now too warm to wear my Ugly Uggs. Mark bought me these really ugly Uggs about three years ago and yes Uggs are ugly but these are just uglier than ever. I don't know what possessed him to buy them for me or why he thought I would like them, other than the fact that he said they looked warm and said they would be nice for Winter - he bought them in February!!

My Ugly Uggs

I never wore them until one very cold weekend morning this past Winter, when I could not find my slippers and wore them. They were so warm!! They became my Winter slippers and you can see how well worn they are. The best part of Winter and THE ONLY good part of Winter is being able to practically live in my fluffy warm gown, my slippers/ugly uggs and have the electric blanket on. That's my comfort zone.

The next reason - When I dropped Chad off after school the other day, Sheila was busy cleaning the air cons. She has never done them before, I usually do them, but I told her about a month ago that one day we must clean them and I will show her how to clean the filters and how to open them. She decided that she could not wait for me to show her and just started cleaning them. I arrived home in time to tell her to just use a damp cloth with Handy Andy on it and I removed the filters she cleaned them and I put them back when I got home that night.

Next week we will start washing the curtains. Of all the reasons why I know Winter is over and the biggest reason is that it is Clint's birthday on Saturday. The saddest time ever and the reason why I hate Spring. I used to love Spring, but it is just filled with reminders and sadness.


With the new season, it is time to make changes in my life too. Unclutter my life, get rid of things; people; stuff whatever - anything that just drains me and brings no meaning or goodness to my life I am deleting - getting rid of - wiping out!!!


I don't need the stress of being acquainted with anyone who does not bring anything positive to my life. I don't need the aggravation anymore. I need to unclutter my life. I do this periodically and the time has come again for some uncluttering. I wish I could do the same with Mark's life - unfortunately he has far too many people in his life that just drain everything out of both of us, not just out of him.


As the saying goes people are in your life for a Reason or a Season and it is now time again for the Seasons to change. If you don't fit into the category above and below then you are clutter - I am sorry but it is true. I am not really sorry, but it is true.


And now my break is over and I need to do some work, before Mark decides to fire me (I wish). Chad has gone to Gold Reef City with the school and you know how I feel about school outings and now he is too old to check in with me all day, so I have that added worry during an extremely emotional time.


Until next time...............

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