Tuesday, 24 September 2013

School Holidays

Wow, a whole 10 days including weekends, surely it would do no harm to add 4 days to the October holidays to make it two weeks. Then it would be October holidays. I have no idea why everyone refers to these holidays as the October holidays when they are more often than not in September.

They had their annual outing to Gold Reef City Theme Park on Thursday the 19th, so that makes school closed for 11 days. These outings drive me insane and I stress myself so badly, because of the travelling to the outings. There are just so many bus accidents, fatalities and collisions on our roads, not only buses; but cars; trucks; bikes. I personally don't believe that the school uses a very good bus company either. So it is stress and worry all day. The bus was meant to arrive at the school at 16h00, so I left work at 15h00 and went to the shops then was planning on waiting at home, because school is not as far from home as from work and there is no traffic, or hardly any traffic from home, because it is going in the opposite direction of everyone coming home from work.

Turns out the bus company (what did I say about the school not using a very reliable bus company) thought the buses had to be at Gold Reef City at 16h00 and not back at the school at 16h00. I went back to work, because I had invoices to email and sent Chad a message telling him to call me/message me when they were close to the school so that I had an idea of when to leave. He never did and it turns out that the bus took 10 minutes longer to get from the South to the school in peak hour traffic, than it took me to get to the school only 10 km's away. Makes me feel so comfortable letting him go on outings - NOT!!!. He ended up waiting outside the school for 20 minutes, because I only left work when he arrived back at school. Grrrrrrrr - I get so mad. He thinks I am cray cray crazy, because I was in tears by the time I arrived at the school. It did not help that it was Clint's birthday in two days.

So now it is holidays and I can have a break from some of my worry and thought I could have a break from driving up and down and I don't have to fetch Chad from school, but there is still gym. Except Chad has decided to cycle to gym!!!! I have tried to put my foot down and say NO, but it is not working. Yes you might say I am the parent and what I say goes, which yes it is the way it should be, but like everything else, I cannot wrap Chad up in a plastic bubble and not let him live his life. For a very long time his life did end the day Clint died and now that he is getting older, he is rebelling against my worrying and over protectiveness, so I have to just let go. It is only going to gym and at least he is not out drinking and clubbing like a lot of kids his age and younger. Sadly, as we learnt from Clint's death, it is not the under age drinkers/clubbers/druggies that die, and it does not ease my stress and worry, but I have to not baby him and just trust that he is responsible and that nothing will happen to him. I personally do not see the difference between a motorbike and a bicycle on our roads - just saying.

I thought I would have a break from cooking extra meals. This is what Chad takes to school every day...........

We Have A Cooler Bag

That Cooler Bag Is Filled With Lunch Boxes

Those Lunch Boxes Are Filled With Food

Bananas and Apples

Chicken; Brown Basmati Rice; Butternut & Stir Fry Veggies

We Have Two Of Those & Not One Filled Up With Double The Amount
Because 3 Lunch Boxes Fit Perfectly, We Have Dry Wors In Tin Foil & A Protein Bar
And all this for a boy who used to have no breakfast and take nothing to school or have a toasted cheese or toasted mince sandwich for school lunch. Now he has all this for school lunch and breakfast at school. He has protein shake after school/before gym, more fruit in the afternoon and for dinner, whatever we have for dinner.

And His Whey
This has to go down into the book of history/worldrecords. Chad drinks water!!! Oh MY GOSH. My child who told everyone he was allergic to water, who puked if he even sipped on water, has now been drinking about 2L of water a day for the past 2 weeks. Thank you to, whoever convinced him that water is good for him, believe you me I have tried for years and years.

So although it is school holidays and I don't have to pack the cooler bag each morning, he still needs his 6 - 8 meals a day, so no rest from cooking.

Now I am off to pack those lunch boxes for tomorrow

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