Monday, 9 September 2013

Sinusitis - Flu - Both

Ye I am sick again and for me I am not sure if sinusitis is worse than flu, actually they are just the same. My sinuses get so infected that I have the same symptoms as full blown flu. Cold shivers, sore body; throat, streaming eyes and nose and when I bend down it feels like a tsunami of water went up my nose and my head is about to explode.

It started off as normal blocked sinuses from the dust at work and car fumes. Our landlord is doing a major revamp of the front of the building and they have broken down the shop in front, so it is dust and rubble and dirt galore. My sinuses get blocked so quickly. Chad and Mark's deodorant don't help and I feel like I am suffocating every time they spray and spray and spray. Just feels like they are spraying more and more.

To add to the other irritants, yesterday Sheila was cleaning the offices and whilst she cleaned I worked and she sprayed and sprayed and sprayed......... or so it seemed....... furniture polish. So I am totally blocked up, but whether it is now infected sinusitis or flu, I don't know. We had no power at work last week - that is a post for another day - a whole post dedicated to no power!! I was so cold on Friday, although it has warmed up so much and is as hot as anything outside it is freezing in my office. It is like a fridge and I never dressed warmly on Friday thinking it would be hot but with no power and therefore no heater, I literally froze. I was shaking and trembling with cold and had to go outside to defrost and warm up. So it is quite possible I have flu on top of sinusitis. I know the cold does not make you sick per say, but getting so cold that you shiver all day, drops your immunity levels and makes you more susceptible to germs and viruses in the air.

So I have been dosing up on Medlemon and sucking Cepacol  and halls all weekend and today I have felt really grotty. You know that feeling where everything has a yellow tinge and your ears have a buzz in them from fever or just bunged up. I should have bought Sinutab when I went to the shops today, but did not fancy queuing at Clicks or Dischem. It was bad enough shopping for a few necessary items at Hypermarket. I actually went to buy Sinutab Non Drowsy last week on Thursday and Clicks did not have Non Drowsy so I bought something else, I can't for the life of me remember what they are called, but they are finished and did not really work - that is how long my sinuses have been bothering me for and why they are possibly infected now.

Self Medicating

Now is the time that I wished that I worked for a proper boss so that I could call in sick tomorrow. How do I know I am going to feel sick tomorrow - I don't - a day off would just be nice. Mark isn't fussed if I am sick and don't come to work, I just feel super guilty, because he never takes off work when he is sick. Blame his customers for that. If he is not there, they carry on like he has left the country in their cars and everything goes wrong when he is not there. Sometimes when I am angry and fight with him he cheekily says "If you want the day off just ask - don't start a fight" As if I have started a fight over nothing and not over something he has done to make me angry. So he won't mind if I stay home tomorrow, but I don't feel like the whole guilt trip when he gets sick.

Right now I am not talking to both him and Chad. Along with Chad's new found love of all things muscular; proteins and gyms has come a terrible attitude. He is just too cool for his own good - yes he is a teenager, I know that, but I am struggling with this attitude of his. There is an ugliness to it that I cannot handle, because although Clint was cheeky to me, there was not an ugliness to it or arrogance and I think it is the arrogance that gets to me the most. I hate arrogant!!!

Anyway, I heard the two of the talking in the lounge earlier - Chad no doubt doing a last minute school project for business studies. Something to the effect of planning a business and medical aid and sick days and and and..... The conversation went something like this:
Chad: "How many sick days must a Company give?"
Mark: "21"
Chad:  "What unpaid?"
Mark Hesitating: "Erm.... No Paid" Pause " You must ask your mother this stuff - I don't know"  Realizing that sounds like far too many days for sick leave..........

So it is off to work for me tomorrow - truth be told Mark does not believe in sick leave because he never takes sick leave. Even when he worked for a boss he went to work as sick as a dog - so he doesn't have much time for staff members to take time off work.

So its off to work I go tomorrow........... and I am still smoke free

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