Monday, 23 September 2013

Who Cries When They Watch Fast & The Furious?

I do!!
I have just watched Fast & The Furious 6 and became all emotional in the begining; in the middle and cried near the end. This is not the first Fast & The Furious movie that reduced me to an almost blubbering wreck. Chad and Mark watched it yesterday. I watched it today - on my own.  The emotion and chemistry between the characters Brian, Mia and Dom is just so real. I absolutely love Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. The way people go gaga over Brad Pitt (truth be told, I so don't get what they see in him) I go gaga over Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. I don't think I would watch the Fast & The Furious if they were not in it.
Paul Walker reminds me SO much of Clint. They don't look alike at all, but there is just something about him that reminds me of Clint. It could possibly be the fact that Clint loved fast cars, loved Fast & The Furious or because Paul Walker was his hero/idol. I have no idea why, maybe it is their eyes or smile that is similar, but saying that, there is not even a similarity in the colour of their eyes, more the fact that they both have eyes that smile way beyond the smile on their lips. The one thing that everyone remembers about Clint is his beautiful smiling eyes.
Maybe it is just because I miss Clint so much, maybe because I can't watch all the Fast & The Furious movies with him, that have been released after he died. There is just so many reminders of what we no longer have.
I will always watch these movies through his eyes and even if the characters don't bring their own emotional chemistry, I will still watch with tears pouring down my face, because of what I no longer have.
Even the weather is in agreement with my emotions today. It's dark cold and grey miserable. I took a snap shot of the Accuweather report and it is exactly like that. I am going to try and upload it over here. (Could only upload it today - Monday- at work. Blogger App for Galaxy does not work that well)

I am using my Samsung Galaxy Tab, which I have not used for absolutely ages, to post this post, because I left my laptop charger at work on Friday. I just realised that when I went to look for it in my laptop bag just now and it was nowhere to be seen. If only I had realised early, because Mark and Chad went to the workshop earlier today and yesterday.
I am really not good at touch typing, as in touching a screen and typing and my wrist gets so sore. I can't touch type either, as in the correct way to type  :-)
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