Sunday, 1 September 2013

Why Mark Says.............

............ that our animals bring us so much joy..............

After a really rough week at work when you come home on a Friday night and lie on the couch next to the heater and your dog, who believes he is a lapdog, but weighs around 35 kilograms, lies on your chest and covers your face with doggy licks. That is Mark and his Spike. If anyone loves Mark unconditionally it is Spike.

Bull Terrier Kisses

OK I can Cuddle Now

And Miss Piggy Looks On In Utter Disgust

Yes Mark is right, they do bring us loads of joy and love. Except I don't allow them to lick my face or put their faces near my food.

After the week we had, coming home to the unconditional love of animals just makes that much more sense of this life we live.

On Tuesday, Alfred who works for us was involved in a taxi accident. I am so loathe to use the word accident, because the carnage on our roads are not the result of accidents, but the direct result of negligent driving. The driver of the minibus taxi he was going home in, decided he was not queuing in the traffic and drove into oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the road, collided with a car also going far too fast to stop in time and there was a hell of a collision. A lady who was sitting in the front of the taxi died, the driver was trapped, others were injured from slightly to bad and Alfred was so fortunate that he had not a scratch on him. He was at the back of the taxi and climbed out the back window, but was just very shocked and amazed that he survived - so are we. The lady who died apparently flew out the window and the taxi rolled and landed on top of her - horrific yes.

On Wednesday morning coming to work, Phineas was also involved in a collision with a Minibus taxi, but this time they were both at fault. The minibus taxi speeding with no brakes, could not stop in time when Phineas decided to do a U-Turn, because the traffic lights were not working and there was too much traffic. He received not an ounce of sympathy from me, because that is why Clinty died. Someone doing a U-Turn because of not wanting to sit in traffic. What was more shocking is that Phineas did not know that it was illegal to do a U-Turn and was shocked that I said exactly what the cops said that he was in the wrong. Yes the taxi driver was also in the wrong, but the police overlooked that, because they were friends with him and they told Phineas he has to pay for the damages to the taxi. The driver and passengers also wanted to attack him and he just stood his ground and told them if they wanted to hit him they must. Mark and I both told him to go and report the accident at the Police Station near work, because those cops at the scene did not take down statements and just told him he has to pay damages and they have no right to judge who was in the wrong as that is for a court to decide. It is just really scary that although Phineas has a license he does not know that you cannot do a U-Turn at an intersection.

Besides all the other stress of customers demanding their cars and then not paying and thinking they can pay later, after everything being dropped to accommodate them - you can't mess with their cash flow now can you and all the other stress of dealing with people. Thandi who started working for us at the beginning of July, used to work for the car wash and coffee shop in our building. We were friendly and she was always complaining about her boss, who is an idiot anyway, he never paid her on time, he never did this and that and, and, and....... She asked for a job with us. Long story short we employed her partly because we felt sorry for her because they were closing the car wash and coffee shop due to the landlord doing extensive renovations and she would not have a job and partly because we would need someone to wash cars because the car wash would be closed. I was going to teach her office work so that she can have better opportunities and progress in life. Sometimes people just need to be given a chance. Boy was I wrong. I have never met anyone who simply refuses to be corrected when doing something wrong, who gets augmentative and then sulks when you tell her she has done something wrong. Initially I thought it was just the familiarity between her and I because we were friendly before she came to work for us, but she would argue with Mark if he told her that she did not clean a car properly and tell him he dirtied it. It just became too stressful. If both Mark and I were out she would have to answer the phone and if we told her how to answer the phone, she would argue and say she does answer it properly. When she certainly did not. Then on Monday she did not bother to come to work and did not phone in either. Tuesday she walked in with a big smile on her face and when I asked her where she was the day before, she said oh I will tell you later. I was livid at the audacity of it. I realized that she used to take time off work at the coffee shop to spite her boss if he moaned at her and she was now doing the same with us. He relied on her, because if she was not there, then he had no one to work in the coffee shop. It was not the same with us - we created her position so she was not spiting us by not coming to work. Well the whole week she was in such a mood, because she was called in about taking Monday off with no excuse. She was fighting with Brilliant and I know he has a wicked sense of humor and teases them, but he is only 21 and just a kid really. It was just a nightmare with her. I would ask her why she hasn't done the filing and she said she has and that is how it went on the whole week. Friday morning she walked out and said she is leaving. I for one minute do not believe that we have seen the end of her. She already told me on Thursday that if I am not happy with her I must fire her. When I explained to her that she as per the contract she signed, she is still on 3 month probation and she only has to be given 24 hours notice, so whether she leaves or gets fired it makes no difference. Considering that she already tried to go down the "wronged employee" route I just don't see her leaving being the end of her and she has some little plan up her sleeve, because with all her personal problems that she has, she can't afford not to work, but at the same time all those "personal problems" are the cause of her not working. Never mind how those stories changed.

So yes, the unconditional love of our animals does bring us so much joy, no manipulative, scheming lying nonsense.

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