Friday, 18 October 2013

Mark's Birthday, Tuesday 8 October 2013

Good Grief, it is already almost 2 weeks since Mark's birthday and I don't know what it is with us, but birthdays end up being days of hell and far from a celebration. Oh Boy!! this year Mark's birthday was no exception. I tried as best as I could to not book in a lot of work, so that it could be a relaxed day, but as usual that never worked. People phone Mark on his cell and he is usually busy and far from the office and he forgets to write it in the diary, so we were over booked and my good intentions were for nothing.

Mark and some of the staff worked the whole day on Saturday, from 8 until about 5.30, because they had about four or five big jobs to get out and they still did not finish, so the week started off with a backlog and pressure, which meant his birthday was going to be no different.

I baked for his birthday on Sunday. I made 2 milk tarts, mu usual chocolate cake and cupcakes. We had the milk tarts on Sunday and the cake and cup cakes were for his actual birthday. The milk tarts came out really well - the trick to a good milk tart is to stir and stir and stir. As easy as making a milk tart is, it is time consuming if you want it to come out to as near as perfect as possible. That equates to patience and I don't have patience, but I put lots of love and effort into making it and therefore I did stir and stir and stir and stir the milk mixture, but not enough, because on Sunday afternoon it had not quite set, but tasted good. On Monday after spending a night in the fridge, it was as close to perfection as I would ever get milk tart. There was no cheating, I made the pastry from scratch.

Milk Tart

We were that busy and stressed and chaotic on Mark's birthday that we did not even have 2 minutes to have the cake I made. I carted it all the way to work as well as the cup cakes and then carted them home again. I did give Phineas some of the cake to take home to his family, but was just that angry that I did not keep it at work for the next day and just took it all home.

Tea & Cup Cakes

I only left work at 6.45pm, Mark; Phineas and Gavin left even later. As I was leaving work I decided that we are not going to go home exhausted and still find something to make for dinner like every other night and phoned Mark and told him that we are going out to dinner for his birthday, even if it is just to Spur for a burger (I hate Spur, but was that desperate to make the most of a bad day) and that is where we went. Exhausted, stressed and tired, but at least we made an effort to try and celebrate his birthday, because last year we never did anything either.

Strangely enough we did have a quick relaxing bite to eat, we even each had a whiskey and lemonade (not Chad) I think it was the first alcoholic drink I have had since giving up smoking and did not even crave a smoke whilst drinking - not that the cravings have stopped - just the whole issue of not having to go off to the smoker's section to stand smoking on my own, made the drink relaxing and enjoyable, without a cigarette.

Another year gone by. Another year of stress and over work to pay for Mark's Charity Cases. You would think that at least one day of the year Mark would be free so we can enjoy one day of the year and not have to work until 7.30 pm after leaving home at 6.30 am. You would think that for once his clients would respect that we have a life too and not expect him to wait until after 7 at night for them. I know customers are king; customers pay your wages etc etc, but seriously we have them phoning at 10 on a Sunday night on our home phone or 5 in the morning on our home phone; on public holidays; when we are away. Try that with your doctor and see if you get it right - unless of course your doctor is Beth MacNamara from Isidingo, your doctor certainly won't be available to you 24/7/365, so why should your mechanic!!!

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