Monday, 4 November 2013

4 X 4'ing At Groenkloof

A few weeks ago we went 4x4'ing at Groenkloof - on the 13 October 2013 to be exact. The 4X4 track is in a Nature Reserve in Pretoria. We saw a few buck and Zebra, but not that many animals. You can mountain bike through the reserve; hike or go on the 4X4 track. You can read more about Groenkloof Nature Reserve by clicking here

It started off by Mark driving through a river and our poor Landy getting full of stinky water, including my feet and shoes; my bag and phone and it was yuck. The next part I decided to get out the car and wait, but didn't know that it was just the start of many horrible tracks and Mark had to come back on the non 4X4 route to fetch me.

The Track

More Of The Track

Looking Back At The Track
I hit my head, bashed my shoulders, ripped off a nail and my nails are not even long and almost poked out my eye. 4X4'ing is not for me and Mark and Chad were reminiscing about the days when Clinty was still alive and they went often and Chad was little and hated it and screamed and cried. He mostly stayed home with me and truth be told I don't think he is all that into 4 X 4'ing even now.

The Landy

Chad Checking Out The Landy

And we lost the front registration plate somewhere, which Mark only noticed a week later. I don't know what Mark was doing over here, holding his breathe - he looks weird like he is about to burst.

Mark Holding His Breathe

Father & Son Bonding Time

We reached the top and then made our way back to the finish.

Finishing The Route

The Way Back

Route Easier Than The First Couple

Looking Back

The Scenery

Almost Over

We arrived back at the picnic area, braaied some meat and had rolls and cold drinks and went home.


Meat Cooking

It turned out to be a lovely day, after the stinky water and bashed head. The braai and picnic area is really massive and nearer to the top it was crowded, but where we were it was not very crowded. It was reasonably priced, in fact it was dirt cheap, I think we paid less than R200.00 for the 4x4 route and our entrance fee and the route is quite long - I think it took about 2 hours to do it in.

It was something different to do, but not my cup of tea. I said that next time they can drop me off at the picnic area and I will read a book, whilst they do the course.

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