Monday, 18 November 2013

Jittery Jingles

Jingles, our Jack Russel is the strangest little dog ever. She is always shivering, shaking and growling. She is a scaredy cat of note. Her first defense is attack, whether it warrants attacking or not. She has to be buried in blankets, even on the hottest of nights. Be it her own or ours, she burrows down until she overheats and pants and pants and has to be rescued from deep down under the blankets. She has to be covered, but when I go to wrap her up in her blankets she bites and attacks like I am hurting her. She cries and moans in her sleep most nights and we have to call to her to quieten her. The other morning whilst I was performing my morning ritual of doing washing and packing the dish washer, making lunches etc, I heard this tick tick noise over and over. I looked around the kitchen wandering what was making the noise. It was Jingles shivering and shaking in the kitchen to such an extent that her claws were tapping on the tiles making the same noise that she makes when she runs up and down. Don't ask me why, there was absolutely no reason why she should have been so scared.

Jittery Jingles

We always think she has been like this forever, but she hasn't. She was the naughtiest puppy ever. I had a Maltese Cross, called Dusty who was 15 years old when we bought Jingles and as old as Dusty was he loved to go for long walks and Jingles used to run after him and grab onto his fur and just hang on for dear life. We had to detach her from poor old Dusty all the time, in case she hurt him. Dusty became her fluffy toy, not only on walks, but whenever she had the urge to play. We bought her for Chad, because Pluto hated Chad and being a small dog Chad always wanted to carry him around, until he bit Chad almost in his eye. It wasn't a bad bite, but we had to put an end to Chad carrying him and bugging him before it ended badly. Our neighbor had bought a little Jack Russel and Chad loved playing with the puppy through the gate and the puppy loved Chad. We searched high and low for a Jack Russel, went to look at a couple of them, was advised not to get a male, because they dig and run in the streets; jump walls and if you sterilize them, they lose their personalities. Besides, Pluto was a male, so was Rambo and Dusty. Too many males and Pluto was the dominant male. We eventually found Jingles and no we did not dock her tail and ears. That was already done when we bought her. I think these days it is illegal to dock tails and ears. I wouldn't know, because it is not something I would do, but we were not going to turn our backs on her. There was instant chemistry between her and us. Out of all the puppies, she chose us.

Chad used to play with her all the time. Chad was mad about wrestling and would be glued to the TV watching wrestling and during the adverts he would play this game with her and he would wear these little Noddy slippers that came past his ankles and Jingles would bite them grab them and rip them off his feet. It got so bad that he could not wear his slippers are dark socks because she would try and play their game and bite his feet. He was 6 when we bought her and they had this crazy bond. She loved Clint too and Clint was her time out buddy when she needed a break from Chad - much to Chad's annoyance I must add. Chad had pneumonia when he was in grade 1 and had to stay in bed for a week. That week Jingles dug up our garden. There were holes all over the garden, she was so frustrated, because she did not have Chad to play with. Somewhere along the line she has become this ugly nervous wreck that just growls and bites. She always bites me, but at the same time cuddles up close to me. It all changed around the time Clinty died, then Rambo died, then Spike came on the scene, then Miss Piggy. It was too much change for her. I read somewhere that when someone dies in the family, dogs loose their sense of hierarchy, something like that. I knew how badly Pluto was affected by Clint's death, I just did not realise how badly the others were affected and I think the big change with Jingles came then.

Jingles Waiting For Sheila

With all her shaky nervous disposition, she is still a very clever dog and would do very well as an only dog. She knows when we are going to bath her and the minute we run the bath water to bath them, she runs and hides away, but only when it is time to bath them. We can run the water in the bath that we use to bath the dogs at any other time and she is fine. How she knows no one will ever know. She absolutely loves Sheila and knows when Sheila is coming to work and will go crazy long before Sheila gets to work. She is probably still in the taxi and Jingles starts barking excitedly. Sheila is extremely sick at the moment, more about that in my next post. It has confused Jingles some what and on Thursday morning as I was about to leave for work, Jingles went rushing out to the gate and sat waiting for Sheila. She did not bark and get all excited, she just ran and sat looking out for her.

Jingles Not Very Happy

I called and called for her to come inside, because Chad was at home and she could be inside with him, but she refused to come in - she just sat and waited. She had to eventually move when I pulled out my car, but was unhappy about it. Nothing like Miss Piggy who after eating a pile of Bobtail Peanut Butter Biscuits in the morning she happily goes back to sleep and does not bother about the comings and goings of the household. She just goes off to dreamland and snores louder than Mark and that is saying something.

Miss Piggy In Dreamland

More about my past week a bit later.............. (in the next post)

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