Monday, 4 November 2013

Mark's Halloween Scare

On Thursday morning I was texting Chad about his plans for the afternoon and he asked me to tell Mark to reply to his message. Mark was standing near my table, but with his back to me when I told him. He spun around with that deer caught in the headlights of a car expression on his face, took a huge breath and said all surprised and out of breath kind of "Hey this morning when I was taking Chad to school, two boys were walking down the road, dressed in black and one had a real Samurai sword" His face had this look of fear and shock and all sorts of other emotions going on at the same time. I said its Halloween and everyone must be dressing up and had a good laugh. Chad did not know that it was Halloween dress up for school and I only realized it was when Mark mentioned the Samurai Sword.

When I fetched Chad from school, he said that Mark S#@T himself when he saw this boy walking with a sword to school and asked Chad if he knew him; told Chad to stay away from him and to run as fast as he can if he came anywhere near him and even asked him if he wanted to rather go home. Chad did not even realise that it was Halloween dress up and I guess maybe was also a bit worried, because apparently the boy is a bit emo.

Jokes aside, it is very irresponsible to allow kids to bring real Samurai swords to school, its no different to allowing someone to bring a real gun to school, just because it is Halloween. All Mark could think of when he saw the boy with the sword was the boy who killed another boy at a high school about 20 km's away from us a few years ago. As the story goes he was bullied and snapped and killed his tormentor with a Samurai Sword. 99.9% of people see Halloween as a fun dress up get lots of candy go "fun" crazy kind of celebration. It is relatively new in South Africa and has absolutely no significance to us, but we copy the Americans with everything and for the past almost 20 years we have "celebrated" Halloween, but in a very small way compared to the Americans. The first time we ever did the whole Halloween thing, Clint and my niece and their friends were running around our complex with other children trick or treating. Chad was a baby and that could have been the first for everyone to celebrate Halloween and it steadily became more popular after that. However, it is that point one percent that takes it a step further and could use Halloween as a guise to kill someone at school with a sword - so no!! real Samurai Swords should not be allowed at school.

Chad is just like Clint in that he also did not dress up at school for Halloween or Valentine's day or whatever dress up day they had. ,They always "forgot". This photo below was Clint's last Halloween Day at school.

Matt Dressed Up - Clint "Forgot" To Dress Up.
I joked with Chad and said the teachers must think he is such a rebel, because on Valentine's day he wears black from head to toe and on Halloween he wore red. They would know for sure that him and Clint were brothers, because they are exactly the same in that way.

When they were little they loved Halloween and we always bought costumes and they dressed up, but because not everyone in South Africa does the whole trick and treat, some years it was rather dismal walking the streets, so we would usually go to The Brightwater Commons as they always have a big event for Halloween. Both Clint and Chad stopped going to Brightwater Commons for Halloween in high school, and Chad and I often went on our own when Clint was older, because Mark was not into it and Clint either went to friends or stayed at home with Mark.

Mark isn't against Halloween for any spiritual reason, just not his thing, but would walk the streets with the boys when they were both young. I was really shocked when a client was waiting in reception on Thursday morning, a new client and she received a phone call that her 11 year old grandson ran into a tree at school and bashed his face and she had to rush off and take him to the doctor. She was so happy, because that meant he could not go to the Halloween Celebration at The Brightwater Commons that night. Her husband is a church minister, so she is obviously a Minister's wife and said that her grandson was so excited about Halloween, but it was spiritually very wrong. I just had to roll my eyes and walk away. It is dressing up and eating loads of candy, so yes wrong for your child's teeth maybe, BUT what is very wrong is being happy that your grandson hurt himself badly enough for the school to panic and call you to come and fetch him from school.

And on that note I hope you had loads and loads of sweet sugary treats for Halloween.....

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