Monday, 18 November 2013

World Day Of Remembrance For Traffic Victims

Yesterday was World Remembrance Day For Traffic Victims. Lets have roads that are safe for all. There are so many unnecessary deaths, which could be avoided if everyday people - mothers; fathers; sisters; grandmothers; brothers; grandfathers just observed the rules of the road.

I still stand by my belief that you have more chance of dying on the roads in South Africa than through crime, yet people are always on about the high crime rate and corruption. Yes crime is bad and I am not in any way saying that the murder rate in the country can be ignored. What I am saying is that everyday people who believe that they are law abiding citizens can make a difference to the unnecessary carnage and deaths on our roads. Next time you discuss the high crime rate and corruption in the country, ask yourself if you broke any laws. If you ran a red light/stop street. People say speeding does not kill - people who speed usually cannot stop in time when the lights change to red, so they run a red light and could very well kill an innocent road user.

Overtaking on a white solid line; doing illegal U-Turns KILL; talking on your mobile phone. Next time you are driving, look around you will be amazed at who is actually breaking the rules of the road. We are all quick to blame the mini-bus taxis, but they are not the only ones who are a law unto themselves. Usually those that moan and complain the most about crime; corruption and mini-bus taxis are the ones who break the rules of the road all the time. There is no such a thing as a minor traffic offence. Those minor traffic offences kill and it is premeditated. You know when you run a red light that there is a possibility that you can kill someone, just like the person who breaks into your house to steal, that probably has no intention to kill you, but does because something goes wrong and he grabs a knife or a gun. The only difference is your choice of weapon - your vehicle, which is a very powerful weapon. The choice you make when driving destroys lives. It is not an accident when you disregard the rules of the road and kill or maim someone. Just like the innocent person involved in the collision is not a road statistic, they are human beings with dreams and goals and lives and families. Just like our Clinty and his life ended, because of a total disrespect of a life and you can read about his tragic death over here.

 Clinty not a day goes by that you are not remembered and loved and missed. Our lives were destroyed the day you died. The day someone decided to commit a "minor" traffic offence and a woman who called herself a doctor was more interested in chatting to her husband on the phone and packing up to go home than saving a life - your life - our angel.


I love you will all my heart Clinty and words will never describe the pain your death has caused.

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