Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Boss Is A Slave Driver

Yep, Mark went to work today, jumped out of bed bright and early and rushed off to work before 7 am. No more late mornings. Chad went and helped him and I was supposed to start the schedules for our Accountant which is due on the 6th, but I spent the whole morning cleaning and the whole day doing laundry. Last night Mark went to bed early, Chad and I stayed up watching TV. When I went to bath he was still awake and showed me Garfield's new bed.

Kitty Sleeping
This morning when I was cleaning up and stripping the bed to wash the linen, Garfield stepped over the linen piled on the bed and crept into the basket and spent the morning in the basket again. The basket is officially hers.

Kitty In A Basket

You Can't See Me
She is such an adorable cat. Here are some photos of the rest of our adorable animals.

So Adorable

Bull Dog Love

My Love

Mark & His Dogs

Waiting For Mark & Chad To Come Home
My Kitty Cat
Mark and I always have a disagreement/argument/fight, depending on our moods about where Piggy and Pluto should go when we go out. He says outside, I say the bathroom. How content are these two in the bathroom, just waiting for the door to close as we leave. They know that as soon as their beds are put in the bathroom and I pick up my bag, that we are going out and they rush to the bathroom and jump in their beds. Neither Piggy or Pluto enjoy staying outside, Mark thinks it is cruel to keep them in the bathroom, they don't think so. All they do is sleep, so does it matter where they are. It is cool in the bathroom, they have their food and water and beds and if they were unhappy, they would not happily rush in there,

In Their Beds In The Bathroom

That is one scary face
And that is a snippet of our cute adorable animals. It was such a lovely day today - no rain, just a hot sunny day and another lovely African Skyline.

Joburg December Sunset

Another late night. I have just watched Spanglish for the 50th time. I love that movie, definitely one of Adam Sandler's better movies.

Monday, 30 December 2013

On A Wet Sunday Morning In December

We have been having such lazy days, waking up late, having afternoon naps and just resting. I always tell Mark when he bitches about all the sleeping we I do, that if your body and mind does not need all that extra sleep you won't be able to sleep - so we need the sleep. The only problem is that we have been going to bed very late, so the waking up just cancels out the extra sleep I think we have been getting. Last night we watched movies until after 12, then I still had to bath and eventually feel asleep after 1.30. This morning I woke up and heard Mark get up, then fell asleep, the Chad came to shower and made a noise and woke me up. I bitched and moaned in my head "Can't these guys ever let me sleep in peace?????" The room was dark and the house was filled with those early morning sounds. I lay in bed pretending to be asleep, whilst Chad made as much noise as possible in his quest not t make a noise and wake me up. "What on earth was he waking up so early for???" As my brain, body and mind started awakening, I heard the rain outside and remembered that at sometime during the night or early morning, I was awoken to a storm and hard rain - it had seemed like a dream, but was real. I realized that it was not as early as my brain thought and it was much later than I had realized. I dragged my weary and tired body out of bed, had a look at the time, took a step back, had another look and shock and horror of horrors it was 10h47. I had slept so late - thanks rain!!. Its almost 5pm and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

A Wet December Mid Morning
We started watching movies at around lunchtime yesterday, when we downloaded "Grown Ups 2" from box office. Chad's choice. As much as I enjoy Adam Sandler, the Adam Sandler of Big Daddy fame is long gone. Maybe I am just getting too old, but that toilet humour just does not do it for me anymore. The only part I found really funny was when he asked his grade 6 "sweetheart" if she had brain damage when she was showing him her hair pin. I have no idea why I found that so funny, maybe because it came from nowhere and Chad and I both laughed at the same time and it just became funnier and funnier - the two of us laughing - not the movie. After the movie, I fell asleep in the couch and Mark and Chad went to the the DVD store to hire more movies. We watched "The Way Way Back" both Chad and I enjoyed it, Mark didn't. It was cheezy, but a lesson in how our grown up relationships and issues mess up our kids and their lives. We then watched "This Is 40" It was ok, nothing to write home about and I could have gone without seeing it and would have missed nothing. It sat through 20 minutes of the last move - Kick Ass 2, I haven't even added a link as it was that bad. Even Chad had to admit that it was rubbish. I only sat through 20 minutes, because Chad was trying to convince me that Spoof's were good movies. We should have watched movies today, best weather for movies, yesterday was also not the best of weather, but not as bad as today. I was going to clean the house, but the thought of mud and water being trampled through my hard work, was more than enough to make up my mind. So only the beds were made and the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned.

Mud Galore 
I made some waffles for very late breakfast. I had a huge mess to clean up, before I had even made the first one. I forgot to spray Spray and Cook into the waffle iron and could not understand why all the batter was messing out the sides and thought I may have put too much batter in. Instead of opening up to have a look, I left it, until steam came billowing out like a steam engine on overload. I opened up and that was when I realized that I forgot the Spray and Cook. I had taken it out and it was right next to the waffle iron. What a mess!! It took forever to gently scrape off the dough, without scratching the iron. It took about 20 minutes to get it clean and then to start over with Spray and Cook.
Don't Try This At Home
I didn't have baking paper or wax paper, luckily I put tinfoil under the waffle iron. They turned out as tasty as always even after the hiccup. They are the best waffles ever. For the recipe click over here. It has been a very lazy day and the day is almost over. It is hard to believe that it is the end of the year. Christmas happened in a blink of an eye. This year was one of those years where we had no Christmas Spirit at all. It happens from time to time. We did something totally different and un-christmassy (its not a word I know - but you get what I mean), I will post about it in a separate post. It does not feel like the end of the year even and it is hard to believe that this time last year we were in Mozambique - to be exact today a year ago, we were packing up to leave. It was so hot there, we had enough and decided to come home earlier. I know I know, I have not now posted about our trip, 365 days later. You can read about it in my next post over here. Now it is cold and rainy and so different from this time last year. Chad went to gym today, the first time in at least a week and Mark made us a lovely stew which we have just had for early dinner with Basmati Rice. His meat choice just was not the best - pork shanks - not good at all, but the veg and gravy was excellent.

Sunday Dinner

 That's all for this post

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Stand Up Comedy & Other Stuff

I had quite a busy Saturday, which is a change from my normal go to work Saturday then sleep for the rest of the weekend or just sleep and skip the going to work. I won't lie I did get to have an afternoon sleep as well and woke up at 10 am. I hardly slept the night before - I had heartburn, which kept me up most of the night, between the heartburn and the dogs that needed to go out all the time, I finally fell asleep at 5 or 6 and slept until 10. I went shopping and the forgot just how busy and crazy the shops get in December. I bought Chad some clothes. He doesn't like me buying him clothes and prefers to go shopping with his dad, but liked the clothes I bought him. He has this thing about not wanting to seem like he is a mommy's boy and me buying him clothes fits into that category.

Chad Trying On His New Vest

I had a mani and pedi and french tips. I was going to buy tips and do my own nails and Mark said I should just go and get them done instead of doing them myself. Only after I made the appointment did I realise it is a bit silly to have my nails done when I will be doing housework for the next 3 weeks. Yep Sheila is on leave and I hate housework. The nail tech messed up the nail on my middle finger on my left hand. I only noticed much later. I should have gone back to have it fixed, but I didn't feel like it. I am all complained out. It is only noticeable when you look at it, but I know she messed up so it sticks out like a sore thumb.
My Nails

These days they just stick either white or coloured tips on. When I did my nail course almost 10 years ago we had to "paint" the tips white. We had to buff and file till the tip blended perfectly before doing the gel/acrylic/fibre/silk. You took a toothpick to check and the join had to be smooth, with no ridge. I have to say the person who did my feet, was so good. It was so relaxing and after the week or I should say the past few  weeks I have had, the pampering I had was well deserved. The colour I chose on my toe nails was a bit bright for me, but I only noticed that later as well, but it is summer and a cheerful colour and different to the colours I usually wear.

Bright Toe Nails

Whilst I shopped and pampered myself and had my late afternoon sleep, Chad and Mark drove around in Chad's mini. Mark bought a mini months ago as a "project" car for him and Chad to fix up. Chad took one look at it and could not see the potential that his dad saw and gave up on the idea. In that away Chad is very different to Clint.

Mini Project
Mini Project

Mark's Mini Project

Before Pic -Side
Before Pic Back

Mark was very upset with Chad when he said it was a piece of rubbish and a waste of money. When I saw the car I had to agree with Chad. The car was finally finished on Friday and how cute is it.

Coming Home

Chad & Brilliant

Home At Last

Chad sent me this picture "The Mini's First Breakdown" A pipe was loose and they broke down for a few minutes. It is sooooo cute

It is hard to believe that ugly green looking thing is now this cute little car. Talk about the frog turning into a Prince, with a bit of love and care

Chad The Now Proud Owner 

On Saturday night we went to see Barry Hilton, stand up comedy at the Lyric Theater,  Gold Reef City. It was a good laugh. Chad prefers Riyaad Moosa; Kagiso Lediga and John Vlismiss, but he had a good laugh too, especially the jokes about his son's "guns".

Chad's "Guns"

The only downside is that we had curry, which we bought at one of the food stalls at Gold Reef Casino, we hadn't eaten all day and were starving and there was not enough time to have a proper dinner before the show. Chad had a cheese griller, Mark and I had curry and again I had heartburn the whole night and and a slight upset tummy. Mark had a runny tummy all day yesterday and all night last night and went to the pharmacy to get something for it today. I think the curry was off, Mark thinks it was from his gout medication, but then why did I feel queasy all day yesterday. Imodium worked for me, but not for Mark - he had it bad and he had to work today after being up the whole night. He did not work all morning. He came home at around 11 and then went to the pharmacy. The pharmacist gave him something called Smecta and it worked wonders. It re-hydrated him and helped with the cramps and diarrhea. On Sunday we had a very lazy day, with Mark and Chad driving around in the mini and I made the most amazing shortbread. The best I have ever made, it certainly was not good for my heartburn, but it was amazing.

Homemade Shortbread

That was our weekend - and as usual, please excuse the typos and spelling errors. More so these days as my keyboard has hardly any letters left on it. No s;d;e;r;t;u;i;o;l;n'c. It is so frustrating to type, because I am not a touch typist and I know by now, I should know which is the I,O.U, because I retype it so often, but I don't.

Monday, 9 December 2013

On Chad & 2013

As I mentioned in this post over here Chad has grown up so much this year. Although both he and Mark joined a gym down the road from us last year, they hardly went to gym and then this year, Chad went back to gym, got a personal trainer and has really gotten into body building. I am so proud of his perseverance and dedication. From a boy who always tried out new stuff and never stuck it out, he has really surprised me with his dedication to gym. He still has a kind of phobia against having his photo taken, maybe not quite a phobia, but more like a "mom can't take photos of me" thing going on, so I don't have that many of him. I was allowed to take this one for my blog though.

Chad - 16 Nov 2013
His arms are getting bigger by the day, as is his chest. He is aiming to be as big as his personal trainer, or bigger. I keep talking him out of it, because his personal trainer looks out of proportion. Maybe that is a part of why we clash so much lately. He thinks that I am being negative about his plans and goals and when I tell him not to be arrogant, he thinks I am not proud of his achievements. I am very proud Chad, I just don't believe arrogance is a good character.

I need to update his page. He definitely is not an advocate for me anymore. Now he is my enemy - not really but there are days that it sure feels like it. He is getting back his confidence - too much so. He is not that much of a chatter box; he is no longer a worry pot; he is basically growing up.

He passed grade 10, which is huge relief. Studying and school work did not come with the new all improved package. He has been on school holidays for two weeks already. His last day being on the 21 November 2013, when he wrote his last exam, but holidays only officially started on Wednesday, 4 December 2013, when schools closed and we fetched his report. Its hard to say these days when schools close - all schools close at different time depending on the school and the exam situation. I am not complaining - he has two months summer holiday.

I have mentioned before in this post that Chad, unlike Mark, is a metro sexual and hates bad skin. He has slacked off with the cleansing a bit lately, but as soon as he gets a spot, he is back to cleansing. He uses the Garnier range, which came about purely, because of me looking for a product suitable for him, when the shop assistant came to assist, you know one of those times when you don't want assistance, you want to browse quietly by yourself - usually when you want assistance no one is around. Anyway she showed me the Garnier, after me telling her what I was looking for. Well Chad likes the product, especially the cleanser that is a three in one wash - scrub - mask. He was absolutely amazed when I showed him how Toner wipes away dirt even after you have cleansed. He doesn't tone that often, but when he first saw the dirt after cleansing, he toned often - now I use his toner. I quite like it too - especially if you have skin prone to spots and blemishes. (This is my genuine opinion of the product - not a sponsored review)

Chad's Garnier Products

Anti-Spot Moisturiser

Garnier Products

And This Photo I Found - Chad Taking A Selfie
I forgot I had this picture above of Chad taking a selfie -  he doesn't take selfies often. I "stole" it from his Whatsapp profile pic a few months ago.

This is how Chad sends me shopping lists

Sheila's Shopping List

Chad's Shopping List

And that is Chad in a nutshell for 2013 - well for tonight at least. It is late - it is work tomorrow and I am all blogged out.

Good Night

The End Of 2013 In A Nutshell

2013 has been one hell of a year and not exactly in a good way. Lots has happened and nothing has changed. Makes sense - not really. The year has gone by in a flash, so many things I have not even blogged about. I am planning to do a month by month of the past year, starting with December 2012. I need 12 days to do it in, a day for each month. Time is not the problem it is more a matter of what kind of head space I am in and lately that place has been bad - real bad.


The big events/things that have happened in 2013, is that I gave up smoking. It was 7 months last week and I never did my usual anniversary post about giving up. Not that I forgot because I was so over the addiction - in fact that was the very day that I was so close to lighting up. I have had a few days of being so close to grabbing a smoke out of someone's hand and just taking a long hard pull on it. I just forgot the date and my head was is in such a bad space, the thought of posting a 7 month anniversary post just never entered my mind.


It has been a very busy year business wise, but also a hell of a year. When I think back to some of the things that happened this year, it seems like a lifetime ago, even a few years ago, but mostly the year has flown by. Next year we will be going through quite a change business wise, whether it is for the better or not, only time will tell.  I can't wait to see the back of 2013, but I am not holding out in the hope that 2014 will be any better. After all it will be the 7th year anniversary of Clint's death. It is so hard to believe and the pain is still as strong today as what it was on the 16th of March 2007, if not stronger. For me Clinty's death date will always be the 15th March 2007 . The 16th is just a technicality, because the clock had moved 3 hours into a new day, but it did not bring any happiness or sunshine to our lives that day. This is where Clinty's life ended. I don't think I have ever posted photos of the accident scene until now. The blue bakkie (pick up truck) is the vehicle that hit Clint, Clint is lying where the bottom tow truck is and where the people are standing in a circle - standing around him. His bike was behind the white car. That is how hard and far Clint was flung.

Accident Scene 15 March 2007
No!! 2014 will never bring happiness, it just can't, I have too much pain in my heart to ever be happy again. I do however, have to make a commitment to be happy for Chad's sake. This has been a huge year for Chad. He has grown up so much this year, he has changed so much, but I will leave all that for my next post. Unfortunately with all these changes going on with Chad, our relationship is taking strain. We are fighting so much. Chad is finding himself, but it is coming with a disrespectful arrogance and I am trying to teach him that confidence is great and a wonderful character trait, not arrogance. There is a huge difference between the two. He doesn't get it and it is definitely coming from the people he is hanging around with. I know it is wrong to compare, but I cannot help it - one thing Clint was not -  and that was arrogant and disrespectful. Hopefully it is just a stage Chad is going through. I still love you Chad - I love you very much and am so proud of you.
I have been toying with the idea of having a Brazilian Blow Wave for some time now, but have only read bad reviews about it. Well that was a while back, but lately I have been hearing more and more about it and seeing more and more women who have had it done and who are extremely happy with it. I finally took the plunge and had it done. It meant changing hair salons as the salon that I go to does not do them. That is where I also heard the negative aspects of them. So they bad for you, so is smoking; drinking; bad fats; sweets; carbs and and and..... the list goes on, but it does not stop us from eating; drinking smoking and and and. I went ahead and had it done with an open mind and totally positive. Is it overrated, I am not sure. I had the Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment. I had it done on Wednesday, 4 Dec 2013. For more info about it click here. The smell is absolutely horrendous. It burns your eyes; your throat; your lungs. I didn't think it would, because it is formaldehyde free. It took about 2 hours to do my hair, which included a cut. I don't have patience when it comes to sitting for hours having my hair/nails/face/teeth/feet done. I get bored and irritated, but this time, I didn't really, the time went by quickly, and I think I was too tense, expecting my hair to come out in chunks. I have read THAT many bad reviews about it - not any about your hair falling out in chunks, but I do have an overactive imagination. My hair felt amazing after I left the salon, but doesn't it always after it has been pampered and treated. Whilst trying to justify the costs against the feel of my hair, I was kind of leaning towards the "it's overrated" side. I couldn't validate the fact that some people earn less than what I was spending on my hair. I eased my conscience by thinking it is once in a blue moon. I still don't get how some women boast about the amount of money they spend on their hair every month/week, yet pay the person who cleans up after them the bare minimum wages or below minimum and then they still look average or below average. Well lets not judge. Mark thought it was a waste of money - he would - we won't even go there, other than I am not liking him very much at the moment. Needless to say I felt very deflated after spending so much money and time on my hair and not being able to justify the expense. Thursday morning was the big test. We woke up to no power and no power means I cannot blow dry my hair and flat iron it, so it dries all wavy and messy and all over the place. Well the Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment is definitely worth the money and is not overrated. I combed my hair and kind of air dried it with my fingers, arrived at work, by then it was dry and just put my straightener through once and not even all over. Today I just washed it, combed it and let it dry - no flat iron. It is soft with a slight wave/kink in it. My hair never feels soft when I let it air dry. I will most definitely have it done again. The only snag is that you have to use Sulphate Free Shampoo and the treatment is not guaranteed if you do not use the Brasil Cacau products. It does not last in sea water, because of the salt, but I guess having it last for only a few weeks to have a hair hassle free holiday would be so worth it. I needed it when we went to Mozambique last December. With no electricity and the heat and humidity, everyday was not just a bad hair day, but an absolutely awful hair day, every day.

Brasil Cacau Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner

Another huge event in our lives, not so much an event, but a stroke of bad luck. We had one massive hailstorm last week on Thursday - 28 November 2013. The hail was like golf balls, in some areas as big as tennis balls. Whenever we think it is going to hail, we rush around moving cars around, this time we didn't - partly because it is always a waste if time and partly because of the building taking place, there is hardly any cover. My car is so badly hail damaged, Mark's bakkie is, customer's cars are damaged. I have never seen such huge hailstones in my life and it came down so suddenly. My office was flooded, the flat upstairs was almost knee deep in water - thanks to the builders - the reason for the changes coming in 2014.

Hail Stone

It stopped as suddenly as it started. We arrived home to find our pool looking like a dam and our fish pond looking like a mud bath. The pool still looks like a dam. Mark, who as I said earlier, I don't like at all right now, is so stubborn refuses to backwash the pool until the water clears, so he keeps buying different chemicals to try and clear the water. It doesn't work and hasn't worked 10 days later, but I just keep quiet. He hates the fact that I have been right about all of his bad business decisions, so all we do is fight about other stuff, because of the deep seated anger on my part and the embarrassment that he won't admit to, because everything I warned him about and tried to caution him about came true and he is not big enough or man enough to say sorry, you were right.
Pool Turned Pond

Back to the hail storm. The pond has cleared, except on Friday, a week later, Chad found one of our Koi dead. Now we only have two left. Other than the one who died on Friday and a couple of others that were washed out the pond when it had stormed, we have know idea what happened to all of them. We started off with 20, in 2007 when Clinty's memorial garden was finished. They dropped to 10 or 11 for years, then over night this year, they all disappeared and we only had 3 - now we have two big fat ones. We haven't bought more, because apparently if the new ones have diseases the others can die or vice versa.

Mud Bath

 What a year - and that is only the last quarter

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