Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Boss Is A Slave Driver

Yep, Mark went to work today, jumped out of bed bright and early and rushed off to work before 7 am. No more late mornings. Chad went and helped him and I was supposed to start the schedules for our Accountant which is due on the 6th, but I spent the whole morning cleaning and the whole day doing laundry. Last night Mark went to bed early, Chad and I stayed up watching TV. When I went to bath he was still awake and showed me Garfield's new bed.

Kitty Sleeping
This morning when I was cleaning up and stripping the bed to wash the linen, Garfield stepped over the linen piled on the bed and crept into the basket and spent the morning in the basket again. The basket is officially hers.

Kitty In A Basket

You Can't See Me
She is such an adorable cat. Here are some photos of the rest of our adorable animals.

So Adorable

Bull Dog Love

My Love

Mark & His Dogs

Waiting For Mark & Chad To Come Home
My Kitty Cat
Mark and I always have a disagreement/argument/fight, depending on our moods about where Piggy and Pluto should go when we go out. He says outside, I say the bathroom. How content are these two in the bathroom, just waiting for the door to close as we leave. They know that as soon as their beds are put in the bathroom and I pick up my bag, that we are going out and they rush to the bathroom and jump in their beds. Neither Piggy or Pluto enjoy staying outside, Mark thinks it is cruel to keep them in the bathroom, they don't think so. All they do is sleep, so does it matter where they are. It is cool in the bathroom, they have their food and water and beds and if they were unhappy, they would not happily rush in there,

In Their Beds In The Bathroom

That is one scary face
And that is a snippet of our cute adorable animals. It was such a lovely day today - no rain, just a hot sunny day and another lovely African Skyline.

Joburg December Sunset

Another late night. I have just watched Spanglish for the 50th time. I love that movie, definitely one of Adam Sandler's better movies.

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