Monday, 9 December 2013

On Chad & 2013

As I mentioned in this post over here Chad has grown up so much this year. Although both he and Mark joined a gym down the road from us last year, they hardly went to gym and then this year, Chad went back to gym, got a personal trainer and has really gotten into body building. I am so proud of his perseverance and dedication. From a boy who always tried out new stuff and never stuck it out, he has really surprised me with his dedication to gym. He still has a kind of phobia against having his photo taken, maybe not quite a phobia, but more like a "mom can't take photos of me" thing going on, so I don't have that many of him. I was allowed to take this one for my blog though.

Chad - 16 Nov 2013
His arms are getting bigger by the day, as is his chest. He is aiming to be as big as his personal trainer, or bigger. I keep talking him out of it, because his personal trainer looks out of proportion. Maybe that is a part of why we clash so much lately. He thinks that I am being negative about his plans and goals and when I tell him not to be arrogant, he thinks I am not proud of his achievements. I am very proud Chad, I just don't believe arrogance is a good character.

I need to update his page. He definitely is not an advocate for me anymore. Now he is my enemy - not really but there are days that it sure feels like it. He is getting back his confidence - too much so. He is not that much of a chatter box; he is no longer a worry pot; he is basically growing up.

He passed grade 10, which is huge relief. Studying and school work did not come with the new all improved package. He has been on school holidays for two weeks already. His last day being on the 21 November 2013, when he wrote his last exam, but holidays only officially started on Wednesday, 4 December 2013, when schools closed and we fetched his report. Its hard to say these days when schools close - all schools close at different time depending on the school and the exam situation. I am not complaining - he has two months summer holiday.

I have mentioned before in this post that Chad, unlike Mark, is a metro sexual and hates bad skin. He has slacked off with the cleansing a bit lately, but as soon as he gets a spot, he is back to cleansing. He uses the Garnier range, which came about purely, because of me looking for a product suitable for him, when the shop assistant came to assist, you know one of those times when you don't want assistance, you want to browse quietly by yourself - usually when you want assistance no one is around. Anyway she showed me the Garnier, after me telling her what I was looking for. Well Chad likes the product, especially the cleanser that is a three in one wash - scrub - mask. He was absolutely amazed when I showed him how Toner wipes away dirt even after you have cleansed. He doesn't tone that often, but when he first saw the dirt after cleansing, he toned often - now I use his toner. I quite like it too - especially if you have skin prone to spots and blemishes. (This is my genuine opinion of the product - not a sponsored review)

Chad's Garnier Products

Anti-Spot Moisturiser

Garnier Products

And This Photo I Found - Chad Taking A Selfie
I forgot I had this picture above of Chad taking a selfie -  he doesn't take selfies often. I "stole" it from his Whatsapp profile pic a few months ago.

This is how Chad sends me shopping lists

Sheila's Shopping List

Chad's Shopping List

And that is Chad in a nutshell for 2013 - well for tonight at least. It is late - it is work tomorrow and I am all blogged out.

Good Night

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