Monday, 30 December 2013

On A Wet Sunday Morning In December

We have been having such lazy days, waking up late, having afternoon naps and just resting. I always tell Mark when he bitches about all the sleeping we I do, that if your body and mind does not need all that extra sleep you won't be able to sleep - so we need the sleep. The only problem is that we have been going to bed very late, so the waking up just cancels out the extra sleep I think we have been getting. Last night we watched movies until after 12, then I still had to bath and eventually feel asleep after 1.30. This morning I woke up and heard Mark get up, then fell asleep, the Chad came to shower and made a noise and woke me up. I bitched and moaned in my head "Can't these guys ever let me sleep in peace?????" The room was dark and the house was filled with those early morning sounds. I lay in bed pretending to be asleep, whilst Chad made as much noise as possible in his quest not t make a noise and wake me up. "What on earth was he waking up so early for???" As my brain, body and mind started awakening, I heard the rain outside and remembered that at sometime during the night or early morning, I was awoken to a storm and hard rain - it had seemed like a dream, but was real. I realized that it was not as early as my brain thought and it was much later than I had realized. I dragged my weary and tired body out of bed, had a look at the time, took a step back, had another look and shock and horror of horrors it was 10h47. I had slept so late - thanks rain!!. Its almost 5pm and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

A Wet December Mid Morning
We started watching movies at around lunchtime yesterday, when we downloaded "Grown Ups 2" from box office. Chad's choice. As much as I enjoy Adam Sandler, the Adam Sandler of Big Daddy fame is long gone. Maybe I am just getting too old, but that toilet humour just does not do it for me anymore. The only part I found really funny was when he asked his grade 6 "sweetheart" if she had brain damage when she was showing him her hair pin. I have no idea why I found that so funny, maybe because it came from nowhere and Chad and I both laughed at the same time and it just became funnier and funnier - the two of us laughing - not the movie. After the movie, I fell asleep in the couch and Mark and Chad went to the the DVD store to hire more movies. We watched "The Way Way Back" both Chad and I enjoyed it, Mark didn't. It was cheezy, but a lesson in how our grown up relationships and issues mess up our kids and their lives. We then watched "This Is 40" It was ok, nothing to write home about and I could have gone without seeing it and would have missed nothing. It sat through 20 minutes of the last move - Kick Ass 2, I haven't even added a link as it was that bad. Even Chad had to admit that it was rubbish. I only sat through 20 minutes, because Chad was trying to convince me that Spoof's were good movies. We should have watched movies today, best weather for movies, yesterday was also not the best of weather, but not as bad as today. I was going to clean the house, but the thought of mud and water being trampled through my hard work, was more than enough to make up my mind. So only the beds were made and the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned.

Mud Galore 
I made some waffles for very late breakfast. I had a huge mess to clean up, before I had even made the first one. I forgot to spray Spray and Cook into the waffle iron and could not understand why all the batter was messing out the sides and thought I may have put too much batter in. Instead of opening up to have a look, I left it, until steam came billowing out like a steam engine on overload. I opened up and that was when I realized that I forgot the Spray and Cook. I had taken it out and it was right next to the waffle iron. What a mess!! It took forever to gently scrape off the dough, without scratching the iron. It took about 20 minutes to get it clean and then to start over with Spray and Cook.
Don't Try This At Home
I didn't have baking paper or wax paper, luckily I put tinfoil under the waffle iron. They turned out as tasty as always even after the hiccup. They are the best waffles ever. For the recipe click over here. It has been a very lazy day and the day is almost over. It is hard to believe that it is the end of the year. Christmas happened in a blink of an eye. This year was one of those years where we had no Christmas Spirit at all. It happens from time to time. We did something totally different and un-christmassy (its not a word I know - but you get what I mean), I will post about it in a separate post. It does not feel like the end of the year even and it is hard to believe that this time last year we were in Mozambique - to be exact today a year ago, we were packing up to leave. It was so hot there, we had enough and decided to come home earlier. I know I know, I have not now posted about our trip, 365 days later. You can read about it in my next post over here. Now it is cold and rainy and so different from this time last year. Chad went to gym today, the first time in at least a week and Mark made us a lovely stew which we have just had for early dinner with Basmati Rice. His meat choice just was not the best - pork shanks - not good at all, but the veg and gravy was excellent.

Sunday Dinner

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