Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Stand Up Comedy & Other Stuff

I had quite a busy Saturday, which is a change from my normal go to work Saturday then sleep for the rest of the weekend or just sleep and skip the going to work. I won't lie I did get to have an afternoon sleep as well and woke up at 10 am. I hardly slept the night before - I had heartburn, which kept me up most of the night, between the heartburn and the dogs that needed to go out all the time, I finally fell asleep at 5 or 6 and slept until 10. I went shopping and the forgot just how busy and crazy the shops get in December. I bought Chad some clothes. He doesn't like me buying him clothes and prefers to go shopping with his dad, but liked the clothes I bought him. He has this thing about not wanting to seem like he is a mommy's boy and me buying him clothes fits into that category.

Chad Trying On His New Vest

I had a mani and pedi and french tips. I was going to buy tips and do my own nails and Mark said I should just go and get them done instead of doing them myself. Only after I made the appointment did I realise it is a bit silly to have my nails done when I will be doing housework for the next 3 weeks. Yep Sheila is on leave and I hate housework. The nail tech messed up the nail on my middle finger on my left hand. I only noticed much later. I should have gone back to have it fixed, but I didn't feel like it. I am all complained out. It is only noticeable when you look at it, but I know she messed up so it sticks out like a sore thumb.
My Nails

These days they just stick either white or coloured tips on. When I did my nail course almost 10 years ago we had to "paint" the tips white. We had to buff and file till the tip blended perfectly before doing the gel/acrylic/fibre/silk. You took a toothpick to check and the join had to be smooth, with no ridge. I have to say the person who did my feet, was so good. It was so relaxing and after the week or I should say the past few  weeks I have had, the pampering I had was well deserved. The colour I chose on my toe nails was a bit bright for me, but I only noticed that later as well, but it is summer and a cheerful colour and different to the colours I usually wear.

Bright Toe Nails

Whilst I shopped and pampered myself and had my late afternoon sleep, Chad and Mark drove around in Chad's mini. Mark bought a mini months ago as a "project" car for him and Chad to fix up. Chad took one look at it and could not see the potential that his dad saw and gave up on the idea. In that away Chad is very different to Clint.

Mini Project
Mini Project

Mark's Mini Project

Before Pic -Side
Before Pic Back

Mark was very upset with Chad when he said it was a piece of rubbish and a waste of money. When I saw the car I had to agree with Chad. The car was finally finished on Friday and how cute is it.

Coming Home

Chad & Brilliant

Home At Last

Chad sent me this picture "The Mini's First Breakdown" A pipe was loose and they broke down for a few minutes. It is sooooo cute

It is hard to believe that ugly green looking thing is now this cute little car. Talk about the frog turning into a Prince, with a bit of love and care

Chad The Now Proud Owner 

On Saturday night we went to see Barry Hilton, stand up comedy at the Lyric Theater,  Gold Reef City. It was a good laugh. Chad prefers Riyaad Moosa; Kagiso Lediga and John Vlismiss, but he had a good laugh too, especially the jokes about his son's "guns".

Chad's "Guns"

The only downside is that we had curry, which we bought at one of the food stalls at Gold Reef Casino, we hadn't eaten all day and were starving and there was not enough time to have a proper dinner before the show. Chad had a cheese griller, Mark and I had curry and again I had heartburn the whole night and and a slight upset tummy. Mark had a runny tummy all day yesterday and all night last night and went to the pharmacy to get something for it today. I think the curry was off, Mark thinks it was from his gout medication, but then why did I feel queasy all day yesterday. Imodium worked for me, but not for Mark - he had it bad and he had to work today after being up the whole night. He did not work all morning. He came home at around 11 and then went to the pharmacy. The pharmacist gave him something called Smecta and it worked wonders. It re-hydrated him and helped with the cramps and diarrhea. On Sunday we had a very lazy day, with Mark and Chad driving around in the mini and I made the most amazing shortbread. The best I have ever made, it certainly was not good for my heartburn, but it was amazing.

Homemade Shortbread

That was our weekend - and as usual, please excuse the typos and spelling errors. More so these days as my keyboard has hardly any letters left on it. No s;d;e;r;t;u;i;o;l;n'c. It is so frustrating to type, because I am not a touch typist and I know by now, I should know which is the I,O.U, because I retype it so often, but I don't.

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