Sunday, 5 January 2014

8 Months Done & Dusted

Earlier I told Mark and Chad that today is 8 months since I last smoked. Chad said "And you said you couldn't do it."  I was thinking about what he said or what I should say is, what he said gave me food for thought. I always said that I would never give up smoking, that I don't want to give up smoking - what I was actually saying was that I can't give up smoking. Instead of admitting that I would never be able to give up smoking, I just said that I never wanted to. Eventually the day came when I tried, because I really wanted to try and I succeeded. However, saying that, I still like smoking and fully understand why people start smoking after a year, two years or even 10 years. I also believe that a grieving mother, comfort eating, menopausal almost 50 year old woman giving up smoking after 35 years is not the best of ideas.

Ginseng & Hoodia
I have mentioned before that since giving up smoking, I have gone off coffee. I do still drink it, but not as much, some weekends I don't drink any coffee at all - from someone who drank five cups of coffee within an hour of waking up. I love Freshpak Rooibos Tea and have always enjoyed it and now  have a new found love for Freshpak Rooibos and Chamomile Tea, so I thought I would try Freshpak Hoodia Tea, to help curb my appetite and Freshpak Ginseng & Rooibos for energy. Sadly they don't work. The worst part of giving up smoking is the eating and having no energy. I still maintain - do not give up smoking for health reasons or for more energy, I have no doubt you will be smoking again, unless of course, you haven't been smoking for long. I absolutely hate it when people give me advice on smoking when they have not even been alive for as long as I have smoked for. When I was telling Chad about the unsolicited advice the other day he said "Yes I  know, it is like when I show people pictures of my trainer and they still give me advice on how I should train"

A friend of Marks from out of town stayed over at our house last night. Wow he is such a heavy smoker, I don't think I have ever seen someone smoke like that. Besides him being a sexist, homophobic racist, which is a whole post on its own, he said he hopes his smoking doesn't make me want to smoke again - why would it seriously??? It was good to say "No Smoking In The House" He wanted a key for the door so he could go outside and smoke during the night and Mark told him he could smoke inside and I said NO. I never gave up smoking so that other people can come into my home and make it stink like smoke and pollute my child's lungs. I did not feel the need to be an obliging gracious host and accommodate someone's smoking habits. I won't become an holier than thou ex-smoker, but sorry no smoking in my house or car and I have no qualms about telling anyone that they can't smoke inside. We couldn't find any ashtrays either. Thanks to the move.
So 8 months done & dusted and soon a year smoke free - who would have thought it possible, this time last year.

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