Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back To School Blues

Chad's lovely two month long holiday is almost over. Most schools opened today and it is back to school this and back to school that. New year - new aspirations - new goals. As usual we left buying his school books to the last minute again. I am very good at procrastinating and this is the reason why I don't make New Year Resolutions, I never stick to them and procrastinating is part of my character.

2014 School Books
 Yesterday, full of enthusiasm, we set off to the book store and as we drove into the shopping center, we looked up and saw the queues of people waiting for books. Hey we are not the only last minuter's. We did not even park and decided to rather go today, because most of the schools went back today and there would not be that many people in the morning. So off we went today and managed to get all the books except Hamlet. Lets hope they don't start on Hamlet in the first term, because they were not sure when more stock would be delivered or even printed. Yes we could have driven to the other stores, in the hope that they had, but Chad and I are both very good at convincing each other that we can go another time.

Love Heart Sweeties
We stopped off at West Pack Lifestyle - I love that store it is filled with plastic and paper and junk and stationery and containers and junk and cleaning stuff I would never use (only use brand names) and toys and containers and junk and sweets and baking goodies and more plastic and more boxes and more junk. They have everything in that shop. They have sweets like Love Hearts and those tiny little bright pink sweets that we always had as kids - can't remember what they are called, but you never see them in other stores - Love Hearts are the best, so they always land up in the trolley.  I love walking around the store and mostly don't even buy much - except Styrofoam cups for the water dispenser and odds and ends and sweets. We were meant to buy Chad's stationery, but he decided we would wait until next week, because the office gives out a stationery list with the text book list and then school starts and the teachers give a different list and the files and books go to waste. At just twenty rand short of R1800.00 for text books, I agreed with Chad that we can wait for the proper list. I ended up buying stationery for work. I love stationery, I don't know why because I am not artistic or creative, I hate writing with pen and paper - I can't write, but I just love stationery and books and I hate that one day books and book stores will be obsolete and will be part of "back in the day we had......." How sad will that be???

Well that was the start to our Back To School and Monday will be here before we know it. Yep Chad starts in Monday, so we have a couple days of freedom left.

Good Night...........

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