Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Back To School Gripes And Moans

So it was back to school for Chad on Monday and we are already over this year. His timetable really sucks. Some days he finishes school at 14h50 and it really is pathetic. Not only Chad, but most kids leave home before 6.30 so their parents can get them to school and then get to work on time, so it is a pretty darn long day. It is not like they are staying late for extra-murals - they don't have extra-murals at the school. They stay late, because the school has to fit in their subjects to the timetable. Some days they finish before second break, but cannot leave until 13h30, or else they do nothing for two or three hours then go home at 14h50. It is a long day and messes with private extra-murals.


The owner and previous principal of the school, started the school, because her one son also died at the age of 15 and his friend said something about all he had was school and it sucked, So she started her own school, obviously for other reasons too, but that was one of the reasons why she started a school so that it is not like all the other schools. Well guess what the school also sucks and this finishing late just makes it worse. It has messed with Chad's training as well and messed up my afternoon.

We haven't progressed much since buying the books

Yes Yes Yes - school is important and more important than training, but seriously staying until 3pm to fit in the different subjects into one roster is not cool at all. School is supposed to be a happy place for kids and Chad is not happy at that school. When most schools are doing all their school work on pads/tabs - Chad's school does not want even phones brought to school, never mind other devices, because when there were no mobile phones "What did we do?" Well that was another life time - we need to move forward as time changes and if the teachers cannot control children from using phones during class then it does not say much for the teachers or the school. It is a tiny private school not an overcrowded public school!!!!!

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