Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Back To Work In Slow Motion

So today was our official back to work day and I was as sick as anything with a tummy bug. Yea right what boss would believe that, even my boss has a "knowing" kinda smirk on his face when I told him that I am sick. - knowing that it is a bit too convenient. We didn't have a break at all except on the actual holidays. Mark went into work and I worked from home - more pretending to work than really working. Pretending to work, because I felt guilty that Mark was going into work and I wasn't, even though it was his own doing that he went to work. I also had housework to do; and washing and dishes and folding of laundry - ironing I took to the laundry, I sure was not going to stand and do ironing. So yesterday morning I woke up early, because I have been going to bed late; waking up even later and having long afternoon sleeps; not naps - deep deep sleeps and the occasional nap. I thought I had better start training my body and mind to wake up early, so I got out of bed at 7 after the dogs woke me up at 6. I felt tired, weak and exhausted. My body and eyes ached like I had not slept in weeks. I asked Mark if he was ever so tired that he had pains in his eyes from being so tired. His reply was "No seriously Dianne, you can't be tired after the amount of sleep you have had" I was that tired.

Mark went to do his competency test for his gun license and Chad went with to shoot at the gun range. I was getting ready to go shopping and as I finished showering, I felt so sick and weak, with waves of nausea coming and going. I lay on the bed and fell asleep and woke up feeling worse than ever. I felt strange - not ill, but weak and my eyes ached. I woke up at 12 and quickly finished getting ready to go to the shops before they closed. For the rest of the afternoon I just felt as if a bus had run over me. I never stressed and strained over housework these holidays and decided if the house was not cleaned everyday or even every second day it would not be the end of the world - with animals it is the end of the world. Chad and Mark arrived home before me and when I had unpacked my shopping I said "wow this house needs a good clean" He laughingly replied "well get your mop and bucket and get cleaning" my response "Um do I look like a cleaner" pause "don't even answer that" That left Chad laughing his head off, because he knew that I knew what his response was going to be. I halfheartedly cleaned, vacuumed the floors and mopped the tiles and for the rest of the day half slept on the couch, then the bed. I could not fall asleep, but felt so tired. Pluto who never ever sits by Mark must have been so confused, because when I was in the room, Chad came and called me to see where Pluto was - it was a first and he jumped up onto the couch - that he can only do if he really wants to get on the couch and I dont lift him up.

Pluto Sitting By Mark - First Time Ever
By then I knew that I had a tummy bug, it is always weird how you feel fine and next thing you are hit with a bad bug. I had a bath and was in bed asleep by 7.30 pm. I woke up several times; feeling like I was run over by a steam roller. I ached everywhere, my whole body was an aching shivering mess. I was feverish and broke out in a cold sweat through out the night and this morning I dragged myself out of bed and then suggested to Mark that I rather work at home, because I was sick and the office is in a mess and tiny and it is better to work from home. He agreed - or I should say he had no option, because sometimes my suggestions are not up for debate. I might have mentioned over here that Mark had a tummy bug and went to the pharmacy and they gave him Smecta, this miracle cure for gastro, with electrolytes and probiotics. Chad teases Mark about his probotics not probiotics, because apparently  Mark told everyone about this amazing medicine that cured him straight away. Well I have tried it and I swear it is not for human consumption. It is gross.

It looks like cement in a cup. Pectrolyte is bad enough, but this stuff is just terrible. You mix the powder into a glass of water and drink it. I have to say after I had the first dose this morning, I dozed on the couch and after an hour felt more energized, but still have diarrhea, it has not helped that and I have had four doses today. I did go into work for a bit to sort out the invoices and tidy the office a bit. We had lots of work, which is good, because January can be a very quiet month, with everyone spending all their money in December. We are fortunate in that every January we are busy. Mark is just struggling to adjust to the tiny work space, but it is just another thing that he was stubborn about and would not listen to reason. He can never make a decision, so it is either no decision or a very quick not thought out properly bad decision.

And that was our first official day of 2014 and I am not sure if I am going into work tomorrow or not. Sheila gets back on Wednesday, hopefully, so I will probably go in then. Until Chad goes back to school on the 20th, I am still going to be in a holiday mood.

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