Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ballito - Brazilian - Confusion

I am like a Yo-yo when it comes to my opinion of the Cacau Brazillian that I had in December. First I thought it was fantastic, then I was not so sure. The other day I was like, this was such a waste of money and I even used Pantene shampoo. It was so hot and the Cacau Shampoo does not give that really good clean feel, so I thought what the hell and I used Pantene. Friday, last minute plans we had to go down to Ballito. We found a tenant to rent our workshop down there and had to go meet him. I woke up at 2 as we were meant to leave at 3, I was just too tired to get up and lay in bed until just before 2.30 am. There was no time to shower as we rushed to leave as early as possible. Besides I had only bathed at 11, before going to bed, but it was hot and sticky and a shower would have helped. My hair had to make do with a brush and no washing and drying. Just a quick wash, teeth; dress; brush hair; pack car and out the door.

View Of The Ocean

We were on the road at around 3.45, later than expected, but arrived in good time. It was overcast and grey and cool in morning when we arrived, we could only book into the hotel after 2pm. So it was straight to business. By the time lunchtime came it was as hot and humid as hell and my hair withstood the humidity. Previously it was pointless even drying my hair or attempting to straighten it in the humidity. This time it stayed pretty straight and I was back to enjoying the Brazilian and believed it was worth it. After sorting out the tenant, which I left up to Mark, because it is one of those situations that I know Mark has rushed into the first person who came along. Lets hope it is third time lucky and not very unlucky and that for once I am wrong. We went for lunch at Mark and Chad's favourite restaurant - Crawdaddy's.

Lunch At Crawdaddy's

The only restaurant in Ballito. You would swear it is the only restaurant in Ballito. We only ever go to Ballito for one night at a push two and Mark and Chad have to go there for lunch/supper. I must say the food is amazing and this time I was pleasantly surprised at the change in atmosphere at the restaurant. There is a change in the management style and it is not even a subtle change. It is relaxed and jovial and none of the stuck in pre-94 management style that they had going on the first time I went there. They must have a new manager and all the staff were new.

What Should We Eat

After lunch we went back to the Hotel - the one and only hotel in Ballito. The only hotel we ever stay in - The Regal Inn. Mark is a creature of habit and I only realized just how much of a creature of habit he is, this weekend. It was so hot and humid, I was tired - I need my sleep. We were all going to have a sleep, but Chad who slept most of the way was bored so he phoned his grandparents to come and fetch him and he went with them and spent some time with them and his cousin.

The Sea View

We went out for dinner. We went to Franco's an Italian Restaurant below Crawdaddy's. It was very professional and the owner was very hands on. It is a lovely little intimate restaurant (no photos - I thought Mark would take, but he didn't). The owner was attentive, but and there were a lot of buts. The only cold drinks he had was Fanta Orange and Coke. Coke ran out not long after we arrived - Who runs out of Coke??? At a restaurant!!! He was on his own and could not go out and buy some - he said. When we left Crawdaddy's he and his waiters were waiting for customers outside a very empty restaurant. He could have sent one of his staff to Spar. Rather pay a bit more and buy from Spar down the road and have happy customers than say sorry we don't have. Oh sorry he also had Sprite Zero, yes I should be watching my weight, but not with Sprite Zero. Tab yes - any other diet drink NO. Chad wanted Squid heads, the owner recommended Calamari, because the squid heads were not of good quality - meaning I am guessing not in stock. I had Prawns and they were not nice at all, everyone else enjoyed their food or maybe they were just being polite. He had quite a dessert menu, but all he had was Tiramisu or vanilla ice cream. The Titamisu was not nice at all and I do believe it was  prepackaged, bought in bulk and not freshly made. It was really disappointing and made me think of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Rather have a small menu than an impressive menu with no fresh ingredients or half the menu not available. It is a real pity, because he obviously tries very hard, with being all hands on and giving authentic Italian food, sometimes you just do need help from having more staff or perhaps he was not expecting to be so busy. After dinner we went down to the beach, there were loads of fisherman still fishing, we stood around watching them and chatting for a bit, it started to drizzle for 2 minutes and we all went home.

That was our weekend away. I could never survive dual city living. It is far too tiring, driving all the way there just for lunch and supper and a quick meeting then going home again the next morning. It would make sense to fly, but very expensive for the 3 of us and most times Mark had to take stuff up and down.

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