Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Is it too soon to say I wonder, but I am really enjoying the Photo A Day Challenge. OK I have only been doing it for two days and not to seem all "half glass empty" but two days is a bit soon to say I am loving it and will stick it out. I do believe I will love it right through, but finding the time to take the photos may prove to be a tad difficult for me. I am loving Instagram after hating it yesterday and finding it a challenge. It did not take me long and I am now loving it.

Although I have not put much effort into the prompts and using my imagination, I think it can be really challenging and fun doing it properly from day one. I have set my self another challenge - to post about the past year. Month by month, like I am been saying I need to do. Catch up on all the missed posts. It is so long ago that I am thinking of just going though my photos for each month. It is my birthday month, and this year is a big one, but I am not planning on any celebrations. So over the next six days I will go through two months a day - just a recap to end one decade and go into a new decade. I will never see my forties again so before this decade ends for me, let me see if I can stick to my own challenge.

That's all for tonight.............

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