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Day of Reconciliation; Heirlooms and Brazilians

I mentioned in this Christmas Post that my dad gave Mark his shotgun, which belonged to my grandfather. That is how old it is. Shame, Clinty always wanted it and always said he was going to inherit it when my dad dies. That is how the circle of life is meant to work - you grow up, have children; they have children, you get old and die. Children are not meant to die before their parents and definitely not before their grandparents. The new gun laws came out at the time of Clinty's death and because my parents were moving to the coast and getting rid of most of their stuff, my dad was going to give the gun to a gun shop, because of the hassle with licencing and laws and Mark and Chad said they would have it, because Clint always wanted it. They should have thought about giving it to Chad or Mark and if we had not gone there to fetch other stuff I was given then a stranger would have been given a family heirloom that was meant to be Clint's. Mark is very chuffed with his shotgun, except it is locked up at a gun shop until he does his competency test and gets a licence. Chad can't wait, because then he can get his .22 Rifle, but now they are worried that Mark won't get a licence for 2 guns.

Chad At Gun Range

Mark took Chad to the gun range today, so he was in his element. He has a gun and knife obsession. My dad gave Chad some of his knives as well, which he added to his collection.  My mother gave me her kist, which now stores Chad's knife collection. {Collin's Dictionary definition of kist}
kist (kɪst)
1. a large chest or coffer
[C14: from Old Norse kista; see chest]

kist (kɪst)
1. South African a large wooden chest in which linen is stored, esp one used to store a bride's trousseau
[from Afrikaans, from Dutch: chest

My Inherited Kist
The kist is about 54 or 55 years old and I have always wanted it and it is finally mine. I was also given the table below, which I have also always wanted and is just as old. I thought it was my maternal gran's table, because she also had one, my mom is not sure what happened to my gran's table. My gran died when I was 12, so I was a bit confused I guess about who the table belonged to. I just remember the table in my gran's house and she always had Hydrangeas in a vase on the table. My mother's table that is now mine is also older than 50 years.

My Inherited Table
I am so happy that my mom gave me my gran's wedding ring. She split up her jewelry and the one thing that means the most to me is my gran's wedding ring. I didn't even know my mother had it. I don't know if my mother thinks that she is going to die soon, because she was giving away stuff like she was on her death bed. I am just so happy that I did get my gran's ring and the table and kist and maybe that is why she split up the stuff now, because she knew I would not get the stuff when she died, if she died before me and those three things would be meaningless to anyone else. I am sure my mother knows how much my gran's ring means to me.

My Gran's Ring
 The ring has my gran and grandfather's initials engraved inside it

Chad's Knives In My Kist
I was given the table awhile ago, (actually a few weeks before she gave me the kist) with lots of serving dishes and wine glasses and other stuff. Then my mom said I can have the kist because they were moving, so we fetched that on the 16 December, a public holiday, which has had so many different names, now it is know as the day of reconciliation, but everyone knows it as the start of the December holiday period. That was when Chad got the knives and Mark the gun and me the jewelry and my gran's ring. She gave me more ornamental tea sets and stuff and they were all in the basket that Garfield has claimed as her own. You can see her in her basket over here. I gave my mother my Blackberry Torch, so Chad let me take these photos, to show her how the phone works.

Chad - 16 December 2013

Check Those Muscles :-)
Miss Piggy came with

Miss Piggy Posing For Her Picture

...... and that is the story about our family heirlooms. I had a sleep (who would have guessed) after Mark and Chad got back from the shooting range and when I woke up, I remembered that Chad did not get his pellet gun when he was 14, he only got his when he was 15. I thought it was when he was 14 and had to go back and correct this post where I said he was 14. I now remember that I said he was too young and he reminded me that Clint was 14 when he got his. Clint also loved guns, but nothing matched or beat his first love - motorbikes. His love and passion that killed him. Chad also likes bikes, but does not have the same passion that Clint had for them. These photos I took in April, Chad sold this bike the other day, but still has his on-road bike and that is a story for another day. The photo is not clear, because he was riding when I took it.

Chad In April

Chad on his bike

Yep, something else I am no longer ecstatic about - my Brazilian Blow Wave. I raved about it when I first had it done, but there is no way it will last 3 to 4 months, it won't even last another month. It was fine for two weeks and now I have to dry it and use my straightener as well. Yes Mark you were right - for once you were right, you knew it would not last and it didn't. I never take photos of myself and don't have my photo taken if I can help it, whether I am young, old, fat, thin - I am not photogenic, but I did take these, just so that I can see in 3 months time if the Brazilian Cacau did last. So many women rave about theirs some even saying they last 6 months, perhaps I should try a different one or a different hairdresser. I have only used the Cacau shampoo and conditioner, so it not because of using the wrong shampoo and conditioner. (Not sure whats going on with the black eye/smudged make up look in the one photo - bad photo - no smudges; black eyes or dark rings.

Well you win some - you lose some and that is all on Heirlooms and Brazilians and other things.

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