Friday, 17 January 2014


After all the December rain, we have now hit a dry patch. I am not complaining, except I have to say our garden is crying for a good soaking. We banned our gardener from using the hosepipe in December. Here he was after days and days of rain watering the garden and instead of sweeping the driveway he sprays the leaves away with water. Our water bill is ridiculous every month and besides the cost it is just such a waste of a valuable natural resource. Now we have gone to the other extreme and it is bone dry. My hydrangeas were so limp and close to dying when I arrived home after work. The first thing I did, was water the garden and it was so relaxing after an extremely stressful and frustrating day to just be outside and smell the fragrances floating off the Gardenias and Yesterday Today & Tomorrow as they soaked up the water.  It was still so hot that at 6pm, it felt like midday. It was as bright and sunny as midday as well.

It was so hot whilst I was cooking that I actually had a swim. Chad and Mark went to fetch a customer to collect their car - late, so after cooking I put the food in the oven -macaroni and cheese with mince and jumped in the pool - the first time in I am sure over a year. It was after 7pm and the temperature of the water was like 25 deg. It was so warm and refreshing. Mark disconnected the solar panels last year sometime, because the more we repaired the holes in the pipes the more there were. So it was just warm from the weather. I don't know why we don't ever swim - OK it is only a splash pool, but that was the idea to cool off and we don't ever use it - imagine the waste if it was a big pool.

Temp At 7pm
I think I should have a swim to cool off every night

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