Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello 2014

Leaving 2013 and entering 2014 was a very quiet affair. We have never been big on New Year celebrations, but this year felt like we were in a bubble surrounded by silence and solitude. Not our own quiet and solitude, but the neighbourhood was quiet. Just before midnight there were fireworks, close by but not too close and not too loud. They lasted the whole of  30 minutes on and off. The animals were not even scared, except for Jingles. She was a bit jittery, but not bad at all. Some years like last year, it sounded like we were in a war torn country surrounded by bombs, the whole night long - most years are like that. I hate fireworks, but this year it was fine. Someone else's fun and celebrations did not encroach on everyone else's right to a pleasant night.


We had a relaxing evening doing nothing. Chad and I stayed up watching Comedy Central, Mark went to bed at around 11, we woke up late today. I woke up with the thoughts of what is the big deal about New Year, as Mark said last night, why celebrate getting older. The only celebration is that we managed to live through another year - if that is a celebration. No matter what our plans; goals; dreams or resolutions are there is no guarantee that life will work out the way you want it to. You can go into the New Year all excited for you children's dreams and future and they are wiped out in a split second - out of your control.

Chad and Mark Out To Lunch

We went to Hartebeespoort Dam for lunch. The plan was to go up the cable cars, but we didn't. It was so hot there, 29 deg C, but felt like 45, it was so busy, we sat in traffic for about an hour, to go through the tunnel to the other side of the dam. The queues to go up the cable cars were horrendously long. We had lunch at a place at the cable cars. It was called the Bugatti Cafe, or something like that. I had sole and chips and veg. The sole looked at tasted like a piece of cardboard. There were millions of flies. When the Manager came around to ask if everything was OK, I said the fish was not good at all and his reaction was mind boggling. I was not in the mood to get into it, whilst waving away flies, which he did not seem to even notice. Makes you wonder about the flies whilst they cook the food. In this day and age there are plenty of things that you can use to get rid of flies. There were goats in the field next door, as cute as ever and plenty of them, but sadly farm animals bring flies - use fly traps please!!!!

Some Of The Goats

We came home and I slept - now I won't be able to sleep again. So much for the "sleeping less - living more" plan. I have started the new year in a very sad, negative and melancholy mood. After all 2013 was just the day before today - just like Monday was the day before Tuesday - no big deal.

Apologies for the negative post - have a good year

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