Monday, 27 January 2014

Looking Back - June to August 2013

Carrying on from May, because Chad's birthday weekend was ruined we went on another bike riding weekend to the Freestate. It was a long weekend in June and Father's Day that Sunday.

Chad Ready To Ride
Bike friendly places are hard to find - I guess because of the hooliganism that comes with some bikers - as with anything in life. We stayed at a place called Mara Farm and it was run by an old couple with the help of one gardener - so again we stayed in a place that was not the best. It was warm and cosy and the blankets and duvets and pillows were all clean and new and all the beds had electric blankets on them. We did loads of sleeping, because it was so cold and there was no TV or radio even. We always chose places that are not the best, because we leave everything to the last minute. Mark is a Libra through and through - he cannot make decisions so others (not me) make his bad decisions for him or he makes last minute rash decisions - he does not plan ahead and it makes me mad, especially for going away over long weekends. Everything is always booked up quickly. However, saying that we had a lovely weekend. They did loads of riding, whilst I stayed home and had the resident cat keep me company. He was such a lovely friendly Ginger boy called Sam - I just wanted to take him home, but knew Garfield would have nothing to do with another cat stepping into her territory.

Chad Off For An Early Morning Ride

The first morning Chad and Mark were out for a ride, I came into the bedroom after having a shower and saw a cat that looked just like Garfield on the bed. The sun was streaming in, so it was more like a vision than an actual cat.
Sam The Resident Cat
I got the shock of my life, because I first thought it was a vision then I thought that Garfield managed to sneak into my suitcase. This photo was taken of Garfield after we arrived back home, but she always climbs into my bags both when I pack and unpack.



Sam Sitting Outside 
We went to Afri ski in Lesotho for the day. I brought our passports with just in case. Mark said we would not need them and then it was his idea to go to Afri-ski. He was speaking to the people staying next door to us and they told him that they came there for the weekend to Ski. The farm was 7 km's to the Lesotho border and then many Kilometers up winding mountain roads to Afri-Ski. Lesotho is beautiful and very cold. We did not Ski, we just had lunch and then drive back again. I absolutely love Lesotho and the Eastern Freestate and I can't get why Mark does not like it. Yes it is cold, but it is a different cold to Joburg cold. It is a crisp clear kind of cold. Where the sky is bluer than blue and the grass is greener than green and even the dead winter grass looks brighter than the Winter grass in other regions.

And whatever else happened in June; July and August has already been posted or was not post worthy or had no photos.

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