Monday, 27 January 2014

Looking Back - September to December 2013

Before I carry on with the rest of the year - I have realised that I only really skipped May and June 2013. Today when I was doing my Photo A Day Prompts, I realised two things 1. I never go in the sun anymore. I used to be such a sun baby - I loved lying in the sun by the pool and too much sun is a bad thing, but I have gone to the other extreme and too little sun is a bad thing too. I need to spend more time outside getting some vitamin D. It is good for a whole host of things and mainly to stimulate your endorphin's and I need that, especially after sleeping through the past year on my non smoking exercise. I cheated in this picture for my Photo A Day Number Twenty Five - I actually caught up with the prompts and am now right up to date. I cheated and did not stay out in the sun - as inviting as it looks, but this whole photo a day is more than just taking random pictures, it really does make you more observant of your life and surroundings. The author and creator of FMSphotoaday says in this post that Photo A Day may very well change your life - it may just. If I never started this challenge, it would never have crossed my mind that lying out by the pool is so relaxing - unfortunately, it also brings back so many memories of Clint, which is why I find it so difficult.

Spike Ready To Play & The Tail Spins In Delight
How stunning is Spike in the photo above, which takes me to No 2. I never play with the dogs anymore. Working full time and mostly giving up smoking has ended that. Even if I was tired and didn't feel like playing with them, I would go out; light a cigarette and throw the ball until I was finished my smoke. Now Mark plays with them. I needed a photo of Fun Stuff and today was a sad not very fun day, so I came up with taking a photo of Spike playing, because that was such fun, seeing how much fun he has. Chad said this was not a Fun photo, he looked too serious so I used another one for Photo A Day. I just feel that taking a photo from another time is defeating the object of taking a photo every day - I might cheat at a later stage, but right now I will try and think about the prompts and do find something that fits in with them on that day. Oops I was rather side tracked and forgot that I was posting about the past year. September is also a huge month, because it is Clint's birthday and we also had so much going on it September.

Chad & His "Guns"
September is the month that Chad's new image became really apparent and his gym training started to pay off and in the past 3 months he has just grown up so much. In September we went to Ballito and Nelspruit. September was a busy month on my blog. October not so much. In November Sheila was very sick. To me she does not seem her usual self and her eye does not look OK. She said it is fine and the hospital said it was fine in December when she went for a check up before going on leave. She has to go back on the 3 Feb for another check up. I read that Adult Chicken Pox in the eye can affect your brain and I am sure it has affected hers, she battles with English and I know it is not her home language and she has always battled, but she has gone back to what it was like when she first started working for me and she really battled. She has become very forgetful and has even forgotten how to do stuff that she could do before. Maybe she has a lot on her mind. She told me the one nurse told her she got chicken pox because she thinks too much and it is nerves. That is how they explain stress - I don't think stress causes chicken pox - yes if you are run down but not stress - so maybe now she doesn't think so that she won't get it again. It is really irresponsible to say stuff like that to someone that is unfortunately not very educated or knowledgeable when it comes to medical issues. Other than a very stressful month nothing much happened in November  and December was also just work and stress. It was a terrible year that I mainly just slept through - so much for all the energy you get when you stop smoking

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