Monday, 20 January 2014

Photo A Day Challenge

Yesterday, I was reading blogs and just surfing the net in general and I came across a Photo A Day Challenge  on this really brilliant blog called Fat Mum Slim - Living Life Inspired. I need to be inspired on most days. I thought about doing the Photo A Day Challenge. It was one of those "should I do it, nah, I don't think so, well maybe, I don't know"  conversations I have with myself on a regular basis on a variety of subjects. The challenge starts in the beginning of the month and we were on day 18 of the month - yesterday, so that should have answered my dilemma. I went back and forth to the Challenge and liked that it was not a "cast in stone"  rule challenge. It is quite relaxed in the rule department and more about observing life and the beauty surrounding us. Doing challenges and joining challenges is not part of Why I Blog , but I decided that I am going to do it, to see if I can stick to it. The challenge will be to finish something I started - something I never do. I also need to observe the beauty around me.

The Challenge Prompts
I am planning on doing three photos a day to catch up. There should be exactly enough days to finish it. If I do the challenge - my way - and finish the challenge, then I will do the next Photo A Day Challenge from Day One. So far the biggest challenge has been getting Instagram to work. I have had an Instagram profile for awhile, but I haven't used it, so it has been a battle. I have finally managed to get the Instagram Snapwidget onto my blog and its working - for now. You can follow my Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram by clicking on the Instagram Icon below.


You can also see the photos on the sidebar of my blog. Whilst typing this post, I have decided to add the Photo A Day Challenge on my blog as well - just for the fun of it. All my Photo A Day Challenge posts will be labelled under Photo A Day.

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