Saturday, 4 January 2014

Temporary Office

I have had to turn Clint's room into a temporary office and I am seriously unhappy about it. I mentioned over here and over here that our landlord was doing extensive renovations, which was becoming a problem and he put up our rent on the exact day that they blocked our entrance completely. They had taken our parking, he was keeping his equipment in part of our area and put up the rent. The day the rent statement came with the rent increase, no notice, no letter, no nothing, we gave in our notice and moved out during the week of the 17th to the 20th. My parents who were running our other workshop were moving down to the coast. The other workshop which is exactly one minute away from home (by car - my driving). It just made sense to just have the one going, so close to home and if we don't save in anything else, we will save on petrol.

New Office
We did not factor in all the stuff we would have to store. Well Mark did not. He never sees the bigger picture, but we did have to move, there was no doubt about that. The office at the "new" workshop is minute. It is not an office as much as a reception area and we had a huge reception area. The workshop is a quarter of what we had so all our stuff is stored at home. My home office is packed, the area under our carports is packed. I can't get to anything in my home office. I put Clint's table back in his room. He gave it to me years ago and I used it in my office. He no longer wanted it when we moved to this house. Now it is back in his room and I have the desk top computer in there, because now we have two of everything and I am working there until I organize my office. I am so unhappy about it. I know Clint would not mind and realistically speaking, if he was alive today, chances are by now he would have had his own place and no longer living with us, but life never turned out like that and it is just so unfair.

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