Monday, 17 February 2014

Fish, Flowers And Photos

I have been so lazy and "couldn't be bothered" to post on my blog or post my photo a day photos. I haven't been in the right frame of mind to blog, but have kept my FMS photo a day on Instagram up to date. That is easy, take a photo of the days prompt with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and then post it on Instagram with or without filters. I just haven't posted them over here on my blog. I also had to catch up on my 365 photo project this weekend. I have been taking photos everyday, just not posting them. I am no longer negative about this month's photo a day prompt list and giving difficult prompts more thought is actually fun and rewarding.

Garden That Is Too Green
I was looking for something to  photograph the other day for My 365 Project and I took this photo of Clint's garden and realized how green it is. Our garden has not one flower in it, except for a few Hydrangeas; one Gardenia full of yellow flowers and the purple flowers on the plants that smell like garlic. I am not sure what they are called, but they grow from bulbs and multiply like weeds. Not only does Clint's garden have no flowers, but neither does the rest of the garden. It is just green; green' green. I hate green everywhere, Mark loves green plants; green trees. Another one of our polar opposite characters. Our rose trees don't have flowers and neither does the Gardenia or Strelitzea in Clint's Memorial Garden. I have neglected our garden and the trees and bushes are overgrown and they are blocking out the sun.

Seedlings & Plants
 I went to the nursery today to buy some seedlings and compost and plant food and bone meal, which I should have bought when we were having so much rain - now the sun will probably burn everything. I also bought Carbodust in case it is an insect killing the roses, because they look so unhealthy. I never bought too many trays of seedlings, I need Rabie our Gardener to first cut down the over growth and let the sun in and then I will but some more. Besides the Petunias and Pansy's I can't remember what the other flowers are called and yes I can look on the tag, but I didn't, but how pretty are these red flowers - they remind me of miniature red fairy tail Christmas Trees.


Red Petunia

Pretty Pansy
Sadly today our biggest Koi died. We only had two left and when I went into the garden I saw flies swarming the pond and there he was floating and bloated. The other one was looking sad and lonely, they have been together for almost seven years, so Mark went to buy a couple more. He bought two little ones. The ones that are the same size as our one that died cost R2500.00, so that was a huge loss for us, because it is going to take seven years for these two to get that big. The other old one still does not look very happy. Rabie cleaned out the pond on Friday and that is obviously what killed the poor fish - not treating the water. He has been cleaning the pond for years - maybe that is why all our others died or disappeared. It was sad seeing the poor fish floating, it might be a fish, but you grow attached to them over the years and especially these two that have lasted the longest and the biggest.

The Moon And Cloudy Sky

The Moon Through The Trees 14 Feb 2014

How stunning has the moon been these last couple of nights and again tonight. The photos above were taken on Friday night and the photos below were taken last night and tonight the moon is as full and beautiful as the last photo

The Moon 

Full Moon Saturday 15 Feb 2014

And on that note good night and have a good week...

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