Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gardens Grownup - Garfield Goldfish

Yep, tonight's post is a mishmash of what I had planned to blog about over the past week, but I just can't get blogging during the week. I am tired, exhausted, get home late, cook, watch TV, so many reasons excuses. Chad and Mark have gone to The Nitro Circus, so the plan was to get my blog up to date as well as my 365 Project and to update my Instagram Photo A Day Challenge on my Blog. It is 10pm now and have just received a message from Chad that they are leaving now - not sure if it is the stadium or the parking area, but they are on there way back and I have done none of the above. So this post might not even be posted tonight. When they left this afternoon, I went to have a lie down as I fell asleep Chad sent me a message to say they had arrived, I fell asleep and an hour and a half later I was woken up at 6pm - another message from Chad and Mark that they had arrived at the stadium. I was confused - it seems they stood in a queue for all that time - whilst I slept for an hour and 30 minutes. I am glad I never went with. The real reason why I never went with was because it was the kind of thing that Clint would have loved and I know I need to make memories with Chad, but some things will just remain Clint Memories. Sorry Chad.

FNB Stadium - Nitro Circus (From Mark's Facebook Page
The FNB Stadium looks pretty empty. (They are home now - so I will hear all about it or maybe not). No pictures because Mark's battery went flat and Chad doesn't take photos. So back to my original mishmash post. Taking my photo a day made me realise that our Garden, especially Clint's Memorial Garden was far too green and I mentioned in this post that we had no flowers in our garden so I went to buy seedlings last Sunday and on Tuesday, our gardener planted the seedlings, cleared the over growth and just worked harder than he has worked in a very long time. He has been doing "surface" gardening for months/years now and everything was overgrown. Now it is starting to look like a garden again. Mark noticed the paving around the pool was lifting, so on Wednesday Rabie lifted the paving and dug up these enormous roots from one if the trees on Clint's garden. The trees were always there the garden was just designed around the trees, because that area (next to the pool and patio) was the area of the garden where all Clint's happy memories are. It is a lovely tree, but the roots are going to end up cracking the pool and water feature, lets hope digging these monsters up helps

Roots Under The Paving
We bought more fish today, we actually went to buy two Arum Lilies to put in the pond for the fish to hide under when the predators who ate all our other fish try and eat them and we ended up buying fish. We bought four tiny little ones, one biggish one, a very pretty one, he/she is white with dark blue and red markings. Chad wanted a yellow one, which we realised on the way home, whilst studying them in the plastic bag, that it was actually a Goldfish and not a Koi. The Goldfish were in the tank next to the tiny Koi and when Chad saw the very "yellow" fish, we forgot the tank was marked Goldfish - lets hope it survives outside.  I tried to take pictures of them but they were not being good models and I am not the best of photographers.

New Fish "Acclimatizing" 

Almost 7 Year Old Monster 

Well he must be much older than 7 years, but we bought him almost 7 years ago - the only survivor of the 20 we bought almost 7 years ago - today 7 years ago Clinty was still alive, it feels like only yesterday.

Look At Those Eyes

The Babies Hide Under Him 

Trying to take a photo of the pretty "big" blue one.

The big blue one is not nearly as big as our orange Monster, but much bigger than the tiny ones. It is really late now, so tomorrow I will post about the Grownup part of my post - it involves one of Clint's good friends and marriage - so much has happened in 7 years, but I will never move on or carry on or accept. Everyone is getting older. Garfield is also getting older - she will be 16 this year, I sometimes get her age wrong, but she was born in 1998 and we got her just after Chad turned one, he was about 16 months old when we got her and she is starting to look old - she is still the fussiest cat I have ever met. She hardly eats and if she likes something today, it doesn't mean she will like it tomorrow. She does not catch birds, mice, insects or anything like that. She does not leave out property and when she goes in the garden, she goes as far as Clint's garden - she has always known that part of the garden was special.

Garfield Leaving Clint's Garden

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