Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Challenge Done & Dusted

.............. And I did it......... I completed the FMS Photo A Day Challenge!!!! It was fun and not only is it fun and enjoyable, it has to without exercise your brain. There were a couple of prompts that were easy and didn't need much thought or creativity, like "Dinner". There were a couple that needed creativity and lots of thought, but it was on a bad day or busy day, so I put very little thought into it like "Something I Bought" and "Window". Then there was "Polka Dot" - I racked my brain the whole day yesterday (Friday) trying to think of what I could use as "Polka Dot". I was thinking about it on and off during the challenge. I remembered that I had a Polka Dot Dress when I was young and thin, I remembered that I had Polka Dot Gift wrap at some stage of my life, but nothing available to photograph on Friday. I was even going to buy something with Polka Dots - I went to Clicks and Woolworths, my plan was that one of them would have something with Polka Dots, but as usual Friday was hectic and only after getting back to work did I realise that I had bought everything, including what I did not need or really want, but nothing with Polka Dots.

January Photo A Day Collage
As I was about to give up last night, my brain tired and aching from not only thinking of a photo for the day's prompt, but also from my day, I remembered that we had a mug with with white Polka Dots. I had to look for it as it was one of the mugs at work that was packed away when we moved. So yes, Photo A Day is not only about observing your surroundings, but also remembering and thinking and wondering. After enjoying the challenge and saying how much I liked doing it, the February list was revealed and I was so disappointed, despondent and ready to give up, because the very first prompt was the worst prompt ever.............. BUT I am doing it...............

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