Monday, 3 February 2014

Manicure In A Bottle

I went to Clicks today to buy Cutex Remover and Contact Lens Solution - I don't know what it is about Clicks, but I always go in to buy one or two things and come out with a pile of things I did not need or want and a depleted bank account.

Press On Manicure

Wasting money on these Press On Nails. I knew they were stickers of some kind, but thought you varnished your nails then put stickers on or put stickers then varnished. I did not think you pressed a false nail on - like those toy nails that were around when we were kids. Considering that the salon  where I had my nails done in December, have a special on tips at R150.00 a set, my Manicure in a bottle was such a waste of money at R125.00.

Stick On Nail Art
Oh well it takes less than 10 minutes to stick them on and the packaging states that it lasts a week, so lets hope no one looks closely enough to see that they are falser than false nails. You can't varnish your nails in 10 minutes from start to finish and completely dry. Life gets quicker and easier all the time - so why is it still so stressful?

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