Monday, 24 February 2014

More On Gardens & Grownups

Last night I ended up posting only some of what I was going to post and left out quite a bit - not because Chad and Mark came home right when I started blogging, but because I just forgot. Strangely enough they never had much to say about the Nitro Circus and I am not entirely sure whether it is because it was not as good as they were expecting it to be or because they respected and knew that talking about it would upset me and be just another reminder that Clint was not there to share it with us. I think it was a bit of both and although the show got excellent reviews I think the dust and dirt of Motor Cross is more exciting than watching a show. The stadium as you can see in the photo I posted last night, was rather empty. There were however, 25 thousand people at the show and the stadium can seat 65 thousand people. Mark was very impressed with the FNB Stadium, it is a pity they never took photos. Chad mentioned the guy in a wheelchair doing stunts and that is about all. They told me who they met at the stadium, who they saw, what they ate, but nothing about the actual show other than the people who sat next to them walked out half way because they were bored. It obviously isn't for everyone and because it is a show about bike stunts it attracts motorbike enthusiasts who then don't find it as exciting as actually riding a bike. One guy who Mark bumped into at the show, just came out of hospital on Friday night, hobbling on crutches, with injured lungs, ribs. pelvis and and and... from coming off his motor cross, he was on ICU until Friday morning then discharged so he could go to the show, because he was so looking forward to it and bought the most expensive tickets and did not enjoy it. He is an adventure freak, adrenaline junkie - sitting in pain watching another adventure freak must have made him wish he stayed in hospital.

My New Garden Ornaments
So last night I mentioned that we went to the nursery and forgot to post a picture of this really cute Hippo we bought for the garden. I know it is rather cheesy, but it looked so cute and so we bought it. The only animal that reacted when they saw it was Garfield - she spat at it and arched her back. The dogs ignored it like the inanimate object that it is. Garfield was not having another "dog" in her life. She is fine with it now - realizing that it is something she won't have to put him in his place like she has had to do with all the other animals. Miss Piggy was sitting next to it and looked so cute, but as we went to get a camera she ran off. Do you think she will sit like that again? Not on your life!!!

Hippo & Mark & Chad 
 I also found a better picture of the white Koi with dark blue and red. I want to call him Nemo, Chad says no, it looks nothing like Nemo and he thinks it is a female, because it won't leave Orange Monster alone.

Yesterday I also re-potted some plants my mother gave me before they moved to Ballito. The pots they were in looked a bit small. I also noticed that our patio furniture needs to be replaced. The legs have rusted. It seems like this year I have woken up from a fog of sleep caused from giving up smoking, plus years of tears from Clint's death and noticed a lot if things that need to be fixed and or replaced.

Garfield In Her Favourite Part Of The Garden
This bench also needs to be restored/repainted/replaced. As soon as the Summer rains are over we will do that. we have had so much rain which is good for the garden, but that is about all. We had another flash flood on Thursday, again when it was time to fetch Chad. More flooded roads and this time Mark went to fetch him, because my car was getting serviced and shocks replaced and we ended up having a big fight, because he wanted to wait until the rain stopped and I did not want Chad to wait at school during the storm. Mark does not get that age means nothing to me when it comes to my children and fetching them on time at school even after going through Clint's death - he doesn't get it. To make matters worse, class ended early as the rains came down and not at the normal ridiculous time of ten to three. The class/school floods in the rain!!! It makes me so happy that our private school fees go to education and not building maintenance {read sarcasm}. How coincidental that it is only on a Thursday when Chad finishes so late that we have flash floods - Um maybe the universe is trying to tell the school that it also thinks it is ridiculous that some days they hang around doing nothing from 11.30/12 until 13.40 when the gates open (can't leave before then) then other days they leave between 2.15 and 3pm.

Dark Clouds With The Promise Of Rain
So with all this rain - it is threatening to rain now as well, it rained last night although I think it was more noise than actual rain, there has also been lots of tears and sadness. One of Clint's close friends from primary school had his car repaired last week. Having a business so close to work has its perks - no traffic; a minute from home; leaving later; fuel savings, but then it has the downfall of being so close to all the reminders of not having Clint with us. This boy has been coming to us for a year now and not being at that branch I only saw him once - now I have seen him 3 times in one week. It is so hard to believe that he is getting married next month and his Fiance has an eight year old child - that is a shocker - not because a 16 year old fell pregnant but not so long ago he was 8 and it honestly feels like yesterday that he was at our house playing little boy games. One good thing is that Clint had good well mannered friends. They were naught at school, this boy in particular was very naughty at school and it was hard to believe that Clint was friends with him at school, but it was just as hard to believe that this boy was naughty at school, because at our house he was so well mannered and such a lovely boy. He was always at our house and spent many a weekend with us. Him and Clint went to different high schools so after grade 8, they were no longer home friends, but saw each other around. Whenever we saw him he was always well mannered and polite and I remember once we saw him at a Motor Cross Event and he didn't want Mark and I to know that he smoked and hid his cigarettes away, which was quite sweet, not that we would have thought badly of it. Both my niece and Mark's niece smoked in front of us, but that is the kind of well mannered boy he was. He also apparently went off the rails after Matric and sorted himself out on his own. He was telling me the other day how he must grow up now and sell his Golf and sound system and stop messing around. To me he is still a young boy and it breaks my heart that Clint is not here to experience growing up and living his life. It is just so unfair, Life is Unfair!!!

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