Sunday, 2 February 2014

Photo A Day Challenge February

Yes, just look at the first prompt for February Photo A Day and you will know why I have my heels dug in and screaming NO NOT THAT!!! Number 1. is "You" yes "ME". I absolutely hate my photo taken and I wasn't going to do the challenge and then I thought why be so silly. Just the other day Chad also said something about photos and selfies that made me think "well who cares really" Besides the fact that I am not photogenic at all and I have never liked photos of myself, I find taking "selfies" bordering on the "more arrogant" and less on the "confident".

Well if you can't beat them join and I did. Admittedly "You" could have been anything of "You" - a photo of an old photo - those are scarce to; a photo of a birth certificate; a photo of your shadow - be creative - I wasn't. I stuck to the old "selfie". Chad and Mark were both out and I spent the best part of the day looking for a photo calendar app for my January Photo A Day photos. I finally know what the I-Phone attraction is - they have the best apps. The Samsung 365 Photo Calendar is an absolute waste of time - it does not work. In between my frustrations of getting the Samsung App to work, I decided what the hell and took the old selfie to post for my Photo a Day Challenge.

Selfie For Photo A Day Challenge

I am so not good at selfies, You can see the refection of my arms in the lenses of my sunglasses, which fits in with the prompt - "You" shadow, refection, selfie and or part of You, but wasn't meant to be there. I also started the 365 Project today, you can read all about it over here. Mark and Chad gave me a Pentax X5 Camera for my birthday, I want to go on a basic photography course sometime this year and I think the 365 Project photo a day will be a nice way for me to see my progress as I improve (or not) over the year. 365 Project is more for photographers (I think) than just for fun, so I will carry on using my Samsung Galaxy Tab for FMSphotoaday and use my Camera for 365 Project photo a day. You can find me at 365 Project for my 365 project photos and Instagram for FMS photo a day and of course you can find all my FMS Photo A Day photos under the label Photo A Day right here on my blog.

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