Monday, 24 February 2014

Tug Of War - Miss Piggy And Spike

We have so much going on in our lives - I mean everyone not just our family. Besides our everyday lives work and home and family and life itself, our lives are filled with Social Media. Blogs - our own and others that we read;

We have Twitter - the only way I stay up to date with current news both local and overseas is by following Twitter Trends. I stopped reading News sites and just scan Twitter to keep up to date with Current news and read some not all otherwise it is too depressing. Then there is Facebook - I am not a big fan of Facebook - it is too personal, too much of a "Look who I am and what I have" false attitude, but I do have a profile that I hardly go on and only do to follow pages of interest and not people who I care not to know rather than to know.

Then there is Pinterest, which I love and love all those boards and cute puppy pictures and animals and quotes and just about everything, but I never find the time to go on it. Then there is my new found interest Instagram and 365 Project. I find the time to take a photo everyday, actually two - one for Instagram Photo A Day and One for 365 Project. I post my Instagram one straight away I just don't manage to then re-post it here. I also only get to post my 365 Project photos on the weekend. Some times the prompts for FMS Photo A Day are tough and I was hating it the other day until I threw out all the negativity and embraced the challenge of finding something to photograph - it is even harder without prompts and the other night I remembered about my 365 Project and took a photo of my bath water running - how lame is that, but I needed a photo, Chad and Mark were asleep, the house was all locked up and so the bath it was. On Friday I needed a photo of something funny. We worked until six, it was the end of a long week, I was tired and could not think of one funny thing. Mark and Chad went to buy dinner and I went to check on the garden to see which branches of which trees Rabie chopped down on Friday and next think Spike ran out to the "play area" with his old lead. Chad taught him a new game - sorry JW Bad Cuz balls, you are thrown out now - Spike has a new best toy - and THAT became my funny photo of the day.

Spike Waiting With His Toy
This game can't be played on his own or with someone just throwing a ball and Chad was not at home so his next bet was Miss Piggy and he waited patiently for her.

Almost Giving Up On Some Fun
He almost gave up because Chad was not there; I wouldn't drag him around and Miss Piggy was not coming - look how disappointed he looks, because she is just standing at the gate of the courtyard, but not coming to him.

 Then she came up to where they always play (the lack of grass is testament to their daily games) and they played like wild dogs for about 10 minutes whilst I tried to take a photo for my Funny prompt - because they are just so funny. Look at the slide show to see how crazy they are - I know it should have been a video.

And then they stopped as abruptly as they started. Tired; exhausted and all played out. They don't go for walks, because Spike fights with other dogs and when Miss Piggy and Spike walk together, she becomes a monster, but we play with them everyday, there is no way we can not play with Spike because he barks and nags worse than a child. So although I hardly play with them these days, Mark and Chad do everyday, but I do believe Spike misses me playing with them and really enjoyed their game on Friday night.

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