Monday, 31 March 2014

BM's, Landy's And V-Town

So we did honour Earth Hour last night - not quite totally the whole hour, but close enough. Chad and Mark came home literally as I pressed publish on my Earth Hour Post. Ten minutes later and it was the start of Earth Hour. We started off by switching off all the lights - Mark will do anything to save on the electricity bill. He has this obsession - not entirely the right word, but he believes that our electricity bill is R4000.00 a month and every month he pays that amount. Our bill is very high, for only 3 people in the house, 4 counting Sheila and some months it is R4000.00, but on average it is about R3000.00 and we are always in credit, which is a good thing, but Mark still pays R40000.00, even if they owe us R5000.00. He is OCD about it. I digress, well he was pleased to have the lights off, So we had everything off except our TV and Internet connection. Chad cheated and downloaded something onto his I-Pod and then he switched everything off. We sat in the dark, heads down on our Phones/IPods/Tabs. We decided not to turn on the solar, because it was such a waste. Our electrical points were turned off from 20h45 to 21h35 and our lights from 20h30 to 21h35. The hour went by so quickly and made me realise that the reason why we complain when it is load shedding or just a power cut it because it was not a choice. Forced power cuts opposed to power cuts by choice, turns us into angry rebels, so maybe we should have Earth Hour once a month, instead of once a year. Sadly our neighbourhood was well lit up and I think we were the only ones to honour Earth Hour.

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Now for the topic of today's post - a bit cryptic I might add, but certainly not if you live with someone who buys cars like other men buy gadgets or home improvement tools and he sells them or gets bored with them just as fast. Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of driving our Landrover all the way from Vereeniging home - yes you need to pack a lunch box when you go there, it is that far. Mark went to fetch his latest acquisition.

Mark's Latest Acquisition

 It is a really good looking car, but I am not sure that I like it or "feel' it - as in "I love this car - don't ever sell it". I certainly do not believe a car defines a person or determines your status in life. I am not into big fancy German cars and I totally dislike Golf's and Polo's; Fords and Toyota's. I did love the black Merc Mark had, but he soldit,  because I would not drive it and it just stayed in the carport, gathering dust and high insurance premiums. I am guessing that this car will be doing much the same. Mark wants me to sell my Getz and drive the BM'. No Thanks, I love my Getz - I don't need a fast and fancy car. Either the BM will join the project cars and just park at home or his Mazda Bakkie. He was going to trade it in on the BMW, but decided to rather keep it, because it is a really nice vehicle, especially if we go anywhere with the dogs.

Hyundai Getz

My Getz
Mark has all these project cars going on at the moment, like Chad's racing Uno. Why on earth Chad wanted an Uno, only he will know. Apparently it is a Turbo Uno and extremely fast and powerful. Just those two words put me totally off. I keep teasing Chad about his Uno saying it is not a very manly car. (Apologies for the sexist comment - it is just a joke.) Chad keeps convincing me otherwise. Right now all their projects have been forgotten - they have something new on their minds.

Time To Go Topless
This whole episode meant I had to drive all the way from Vereeniging, which is about 90 km's away all on my own in the Landrover. My car was lent to a customer - we won't even go down that road and Mark's bakkie (pickup truck) is at the panel beater fixing the hail damage from last year. I realised that the Landrover is getting really old and tired. Trying to keep up with all the cars and keep up with Mark, took a huge toll on the poor thing. The only reason why we still have it, is because Clint loved it and always said that we must never sell it. We hardly drive it and it stands for years on end and I keep thinking maybe it is time to sell it.

 Driving all that way on my own filled my mind with all sorts of memories. When I got home I just sobbed and cried uncontrollably. I missed Clint so much. The trip was also so stressful trying to keep up with Mark so I that I didn't get lost. Chad kinda believes that I can't drive and was shocked that I did keep up with them. I hate driving and always say I can't drive, just because I don't want to drive. I have always hated driving, but more so now. Driving this huge big heavy tank, that reminds me of a Rhino; with all the blind spots and stickers, with all the memories of holidays and life before death hit us so badly, just finished me emotionally.

Clinty GP
There is just so much heart and soul in that big old tank and that heart and soul was all Clinty. As much as it would be practical to sell it, I just can't.

Looks Like A Smiley Face
All these fast and powerful good looking cars cannot compare to the Landrover - they have no heart and soul. Seriously the Landy is going to have to retire to a Museum to our back yard and just stay there forever in Memory of Clint.

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