Monday, 24 March 2014

Hey Guys ... And Gals, There Is A New Sushi Bar In Town.........

............ He screeched from the roof top to his friends and family.

Hadeda Calling His Family

Yes our new Koi are looking quite tempting to this fellow and his family. Last Sunday when I was sitting in Clinty's Memorial Garden; crying and missing him, this Hadeda flew towards our garden, whilst squawking and screeching excitedly to the rest of his family to join him at the new Sushi Bar in Town and then promptly landed on our roof and started eyeing me and our fish.

Eyeing Me Very Confidently 

I snuck inside to fetch my camera, my eyes awash with tears, my heart broken and aching and longing for Clint. Sometimes I think Clint sends "things" to me to stop me from going into a very deep dark pit that I cannot climb out of.  So whilst I was inside getting my camera, my Hadeda, frenemy settled on the roof to quietly observe the delightful dish of scrumptious breakfast awaiting him down below.

Checking Out The Sushi Bar

Yes, I call him my Frenemy, because I love birds, including these noisy raucous flying beasts. When Chad was little, about three years old, he used to call them his friends and would get very excited when he saw them when we were out somewhere and thought his friends had followed him. When I discovered that these pesky, but useful predators were eating my fish - had eaten all our fish, I started disliking them and shooing them from our garden. Our dogs and cat are useless, they just live in harmony with nature and only chase the neighbouring cats out of our garden. Birds can stay - including the Hadeda, who besides eating my fish, they also eat Parktown Prawns the ugliest scariest King Crickets you have ever seen. So yes they are also very welcome in the garden as well as unwelcome.

I will Out Sit You & I Will Out Stare You
I have grown so fond of the Koi we have now. The others that we bought for Clint's Memorial Garden were nice, but when we bought them I was numb and dead inside and I never really grew attached to them and slowly over the seven years, the numbness thaws a bit and you have days that are normal days and days where you sink back into that deep pit of darkness and death and grief. So now I have this love hate relationship with the Hadeda, who may or may not have eaten our other fish.

Water Spider Web
So in defense of the Hadeda, I have wondered aloud about these horrible water spiders and their webs possibly being the ones killing my fish - don't ask me how they manage to swallow the fish, but they could be to blame for killing our second last one from the first batch - Mark gets so annoyed about me trying to convince myself and who ever cares that it is the spiders doing the killing. I don't think a spider can kill this monster, but I am sure it can get caught up in the web across the pond.

Monster Ruling The Pond


 I must say fish are very stupid and no wonder they get caught by fisherman or birds or whoever it is that may catch them. When the hear/sense danger they stop dead in their tracks and do not move at all - sitting ducks fish for predators.

Hiding From Predators
 A bright idea popped in my head last Sunday and I thought I should make a Frog pond in our garden for the Hadeda's and as quickly as that thought popped in my head so did the thought of how cruel and wrong would that be, bringing frogs to the garden to be eaten by Hadedas. Although the idea of having a frog garden would be quite nice as we have no frogs in our garden and frogs would kill all the bugs and mosquitoes. It just goes to show that I am getting old - when I was young I hated frogs, bur now think that although frogs are pretty ugly and gross to touch and look at, having them in the garden is a huge asset.

Peeping Out

Is It Safe Now

I spotted this bird eating a worm bigger than our baby fish, so am now wondering if it is not another bird eating the fish, whilst Mark is slowly losing patience with me defending the Hadeda. You can only see the worm's head sticking out like a pin prick, but it was pretty big. I love my new Pentax Camera, but the shutter speed is a bit slow, so I missed the long fat juicy worm sticking out the bird's beak.

See The Worm's Head Peeping Out Of The Grass

I have to find some sort of net to cover the pond, because as if I don't have enough stress in my life, I now have to look out for the fish and make sure no predators go near them, which is becoming quite stressful. Chad and Mark think I am certifiably insane, because yesterday I told them that just getting out of bed is so stressful for me and then they saw me swatting spider webs and spiders off the pond with the pool net. So any ideas to keep my fish safe and me a little less stressed will be quite welcome.

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