Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Our Weekend That Was....

It is going to be almost impossible to get back into a five day week after all these long weekends. I am not complaining, but these holidays impact business badly and it is a catch 22 situation - we need the rest and relaxation, but if there is no work, there is no income. This morning we went to Wimpy for breakfast and the Manager, who is a client of ours, was saying how quiet it was for a Public Holiday - either everyone was away or no one has money, just too many holidays all at once and this week is a two day week, because Thursday is a holiday and we are closing on Friday. We should have closed Tuesday and Wednesday and in hindsight, Mark agrees. I have been half nagging half suggesting it for weeks now - his answer always NO - how can we close for a whole week. Now that he has spoken to so many people, he has realised that it was pointless not closing for the week.

Wimpy Cappuccino 
How cute is the design on my Wimpy Cappuccino!!!!! Wimpy without a doubt makes the best coffee and cappuccino. It always amazes me how Barista's get the design on Cappuccinos. On one of our trips back from Ballito, we stopped at a Fuel Station that had a Mugg and Bean, not a proper Mugg And Bean, but a kiosk in the actual Quick Shop and I bought a Cappuccino, which also had a pretty design and I did not notice any fancy equipment.

Mugg And Bean Take Away Cappuccino 
So back to our Freedom Day long weekend. Today was a Public holiday, because Freedom Day fell on a Sunday. On Saturday, Chad and Mark went to Bella Bella, to Mark's cousin to go and fetch Chad's pellet gun. It was Clint's pellet gun, so I was really angry when I found out Mark gave it to his cousin to "fix". There was nothing wrong with it as far as I am concerned and it was a huge thing for me to give the gun to Chad and Mark does not understand that. It is back now, I don't even know when they gave it to him, but I only found out last weekend, when Chad and Mark went with friends to someone's farm to shoot - not hunt just target shoot and Chad never had his/Clint's pellet gun. I stayed home and was meant to update my blog, but instead only posted this post. There is a whole post waiting to be typed about why I cannot get down and make all the changes. I ended up doing nothing much except to go to Woolworths to buy some stuff for dinner. I made a really good Chicken and Cashew Stir fry - recipe to follow one day soon. I kind of made it up from memory of the chicken stir fry I had when we went to Ballito in January. Chad complained about "Stir Fry Again", but after tasting it said it was so good. We downloaded The Delivery Man from Box Office - It was a pretty good movie - cheesy but good. I enjoy Vince Vaughn's movies and last night Chad and I watched The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. I think it is the third time we have seen it. It was on MNet and nothing else to watch.

Yesterday, Mark wanted to go to the BMW show at Lover's Rock in Magaliesburg. Magaliesburg is a small town about an hour out of Johannesburg. Chad was going to go then he wasn't and in the end he did go with. When we arrived at the entrance, well about a half a kilometer away from the entrance, cars had stopped all over the place - in the road; on the side of the road everywhere, trying to get in. There was that whole illegal street car mentality going on, so we decided to give it a miss. Mark is very disappointed, I don't know why, because he has seen and driven more than enough cars in his life time. Chad and I could see down into the resort from the road and it was jam packed with people/cars - Bree Street Taxi Rank has nothing on that. We then decided to find a place to go to for lunch and could not agree on any place. Of course we had to have the roof down and yesterday was quite chilly and windy.

We were getting closer and closer to home and finally decided on Silver Star Casino and ate at The Steak Restaurant . The food was really good. Chad had a Chicken Schnitzel; I had Hake & Calamari with chips and it came with vegetables - spinach and butternut, it was so good and Mark had a 500g Rump with Mealie Meal and Tomato Gravy - Mark likes his authentic South African Food. The portions were huge and we were too full to have dessert and we did not have starters either. We went to the Casino, Chad's ego was deflated, because he was not allowed in the Casino, they are definitely more observant at Silver Star than what they were when we went to Emperors Palace and no one batted an eye when Chad walked in. I gambled on the slot machines with R100.00, I went up R100.00 three times and lost it all in less than ten minutes. Mark who normally loves playing the slot machines did not want to. There is absolutely no skill in gambling yet so addictive. We were amazed at the amount of pensioners gambling at the slot machines. We saw the same people before we went to eat, sitting in the exact same seats after we ate and they were in no hurry to leave and they were all old age pensioners.

It was so cold and I had left my jacket in the boot of the car, my hair was blowing all over the place, so I wrapped my scarf over my head and Chad and Mark thought it was hilarious. Chad made me take a photo of myself so that I could see how funny I looked - I was warm though ;).

Our AVG Internet Security expired about 2 weeks ago and we finally went to go buy a new one today. I know you can buy the license online and it is meant to be far easier, BUT, we did that with MacAfee, years ago and the license did not work and it was a huge fight and hassle to get our money back from the re-seller agent. It is quite strange how five years ago one license cost over R1000.00 and now a 4 user license costs only R349.00. It is good to know that some costs go down.

We were only supposed to buy chemicals for the pool and AVG Anti-Virus, but we ended up buying everything else as well. Mark bought me Adobe Photoshop elements. I asked the salesman assisting us at Incredible Connection if they had it in stock and said I wasn't buying it, I was just dreaming about buying it and he thought it was very funny. It was cheaper than I thought and Mark said I must just take it - Thanks Mark. I downloaded the trial one just after my birthday, because Mark bought me a Pentax X5 for my birthday (another post I am struggling to type up) I have wanted to buy it since then and like the stuck record I am, I can't believe it was four months ago. Mark also bought me another set of rechargeable batteries for my camera. I was spoilt for a change ;)

Other than the usual cleaning stuff on Sheila's shopping list, I also bought some seeds - was Mark's idea not mine, nothing grows that I plant, but he knows I love Pansies and we went past all the seeds when we were looking for the Pool Chemicals at Hypermarket and he said I should buy some and plant them. They have changed everything in the store and of course I hate change so don't like the new set up of the store and we ended up buying things we did not need or want, just because we had to look for the stuff we did need. We both want to grow a vegetable garden; AHEM, Rabie will be doing the garden, but we left the vegetable seeds and will buy them once we have prepared an area for a veggie garden. I can plant a plant next to a plant Rabie plants, at the exact time and his grows and mine doesn't. Although I did plant the seeds today, because he is on leave so we will see if they grow.

Lady Bug
 I found this little Lady Bug on our kitchen curtain today and put it on the Strelitzia in Clint's garden. I haven't seen a Lady Bug for a very long time.

I have had quite a busy weekend and it did not rush by in a sleep filled daze like it usually does. I think I am almost over my no smoking hurdle - in less than a week I will be a year smoke free. Wow is all I can say.

Roast Beef With Pineapple Ginger & Coriander
I am busy making roast beef for dinner and Chad is looking forward to watching The Roast Of Kenny Kunene tonight. OK that was not planned - eating a roast and watching a roast that is entirely not the same thing. Chad is a Comedy Central Junky and has been looking forward to this Roast for ages - and not my food. I am to say Chad's school has closed for the week, I wasn't sure when I wrote this post and only found out last week that they were closing.

Till later

Update - we never watched the Roast of Kenny Kunene after all. We started watching it, but it was absolute rubbish and the language and swearing was just too much. I am not a prude, but really if you need disgusting language to make something funny, then it is not worth watching.

Monday, 28 April 2014

20 Years Of Democracy - 20 Years Of Freedom

I remember like it was yesterday, going to the polls to vote for change in our country. The referendum for one man one vote, I believe was the biggest step, before the 1994 elections. The yes for one man one vote was the start to giving each and everyone, no matter their race or creed, their right to dignity. In 1994 when we went to the polls, it was with a feeling of excitement and anticipation for change, I think there was very little fear - yes there was fear and negativity by a very small minority, but most South Africans were ready to embrace the change that was long overdue. We went to the polls knowing exactly who we were going to vote for and more importantly WHY, we were voting for that party. I think we also knew that our new President would be the esteemed Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, long before the votes were counted. I remember the long long queues winding along roads (on foot) to get to the voting stations. There was a sense of camaraderie, everyone chatting and laughing, no moroseness.no negativity, just a determination to cast your vote.

Sadly 20 years later, our Country is still rife with racism. We are a country filled with racism; sexism; prejudice and xenophobia and not just one race all races. There are so many people who think because I share their skin colour that I share their disgusting racist views. I am so tired of hearing how good it was "back in the day" - it was good for who? Mark has this young customer, who is no older than 26, who is forever saying how much better it was before 1994 - um unless you were an abused kid then pre-1994 should be better than today - life is far better when you are four or five than it will ever be when you are 25 and 26. We lived in an autocratic country, where it was compulsory for boys as young as Chad to go to an army to learn to kill - why? just so that you did not have to share a park bench with someone of colour or your child did not have to catch the same bus to school and go to school with a child of colour. We were taught that if we shared a bench/cup/table with a person of colour something bad would happen, maybe get a terrible disease, I don't know what terrible atrocity would occur, we were not even told why - only that "THY SHALT NOT. Sadly, people are still teaching their children their racist views today.

Twenty years later we still have communities with no running water; where the bulk of our nation live in shacks, where quality education is mostly based on financial status, BUT everyone has their dignity. We now live in a Country where sitting on a park bench is not a crime, where restaurants and movie theaters are for all to share, where the choice to live or school your children is not dictated by the colour of your skin. Unfortunately, going to the polls this year, 20 years into our democracy, is not going to be met with as much enthusiasm and determination as it was in 1994. We are going to the polls with a vote of no confidence in our leaders - not only in the ruling party, but the opposition party and all other parties. Instead of the leaders going to the polls with what they will do for us as a nation, they are going to the polls slating each other. Lets hope that the next 20 years is filled with peace; happiness and good leaders that ensure a further 20 years of freedom and democracy so that we can be truly free of racism and prejudice.

Happy Freedom Day 2014

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Shopping For Chad

With Sheila being on leave last week, working full time and the rain we had, I hardly did any washing so our laundry basket was more than overflowing. Chad was having his school photos taken and he needed new Winter clothes so we went clothes shopping. Chad was in the mood for shopping and I was not in the mood for working so it worked out pretty well. As promised in this post, here is the evidence of our shopping trip :-).

I never managed to get his shoes in properly, but getting a photo of Chad is nothing short of a miracle - and that is only apparently, because I am taking the photo - moms don't do that........

Puma Ferrari Shoes - Total Sport

Jeans & T-Shirt From Truworths Man

Red & Black Puffer Jacket & Hoody Truworths Man

Chad & The New Hairstyle
Both Mark and I were not keen on the new hairstyle, but a week later it has just blended into Chad. I cannot believe how grown up Chad is and how time flies. I mentioned over here and over here, that Mark does not get the whole metro-sexual thing of modern day man and he still does not get it. Chad takes after Mark in every way except clothes; fashion and style - which is a good thing. My mom said the other day I wonder were he gets it from. I don't follow fashion, yes when I was young I wore fashionable clothes, but I was no Fashionista. I have never followed trends and have always believed that clothes should not only suit your body size and shape but also your personality. This is the part of Chad's personality and character that is unique, the part that is neither mom or dad - just Chad.

T-Shirt & Grey Joggers - Truworths Man  And Shoes - Markhams

We certainly concentrated more on looks and fashion than warmth and quantity. Other than the very warm jacket , he has no Winter clothes, so we will be making a trip to the shops again soon - my purse is groaning at the thought. Chad has very expensive taste. When I was waiting outside the change rooms at Truworths Northgate, passing Chad different sizes as one does, a young girl was walking around the store looking at men's clothes and taking photos. The Sales person told her that she must stop taking photos as it is not allowed. I thought that strange and asked him why you cannot take photos - he did not know he just knew it was not allowed. I always take photos in shops and send to Chad or Mark - Do you like these shoes? Is this the school bag you wanted? etc - everyone does it - apparently it is not allowed in Truworths. From pictures on blogs and all Social Media platforms EVERYBODY does it. Selfies in the change room; selfies on the shop floor; selfies next to the clothes rails - look what I bought pics - how cool is this. When I was telling Mark about it, he said maybe they don't allow it in case it is to shop lift. In fact, before the salesman told her to stop taking pictures, I did notice her phone oddly placed in her hand and it was on the camera setting, but she was not openly taking photos more in a kind of sly way. I wonder if she was up to no good or just a bit shy taking photos of men's clothing - she could not have been more than 18 or 19.

That leaves me with the question - Are you allowed to take photos of clothes and goods in stores or not??

Saturday, 26 April 2014

When Life Gets The Better Of Creativity

I do not have a creative bone in my body - I have a sewing machine, but don't sew. I saw these amazing Easter Baskets on a blog I started following recently - my boys did Easter Egg hunts with normal baskets not pretty hand crafted baskets. I don't have the patience for sewing and crafts. A Spiritual Healer told me that I am creative or I lost my creativity and need to go back to being creative. I can't remember exactly what she said, but I did dispute being creative and she told me creativity could be something as simple as growing a pot plant or gardening. I did become obsessed with our garden after Clint's death and with the help of a Landscaper, who did Clint's Memorial Garden and our gardener, Rabie, gardening became my passion and obsession to deal with my anger and grief. You can read a bit more about how gardening became therapeutic over here.

Close Up Of Clint's Garden Today

Although we spent a fortune on plants and I spent many hours in the garden, the rest of the garden has never looked as beautiful as what Clint's Memorial Garden looked like after the Landscaper had finished with it. Although, Clint's garden looks nothing like it did when it was completed and sadly I have no pictures of when it was completed, it still remains the most beautiful part of our garden and that is more thanks to Rabie than my creativity. I buy the plants and seedlings and tell him where to plant them. I also tell him when to trim the plants and trees. Somebody on Instagram commented that it looks so beautiful and relaxing. It is the only part of our garden that looks beautiful - alll that time and money spent on the rest of the garden has gone to waste.

View From The House - Today

View From The Area Of The Garden That The Dogs Play In - Today

View From The Braai - Taken Today
I have totally digressed from the point of this post, but that is me. Writing/blogging is creative and I always loved reading and writing, until a teacher put me off writing when I was in Standard Seven (Grade Nine). I wrote this amazing short story (or so I thought) about a baby in the mother's womb from the baby's perspective and the baby was the narrator.  The teacher put a line through my hard work and said it was far fetched and rubbish. It was factual and researched through baby magazines and encyclopedias (no Google and Internet then). It was far fetched, because the baby was the narrator and that was impossible.  I wonder what she thinks of life today and all its far fetched technology of 4D scans and animation - she was not even old at the most ten years older than me. Well she ended what little bit of creativity I did have. My writing and imagination was pretty creative. My imagination came from all the books I loved to read. I wonder how many dreams were ended by teachers and their negative views on life. It can take one negative teacher to destroy the hard work and commitment of ten positive and open minded teachers.

Source - Pinterest
Another thing that destroys creativity is stress and fatigue. We have been getting home so late plus it is Autumn, so suddenly over night, it was dark before 6pm and I have neglected my Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram and I have completely neglected my 365 Project. Who feels like getting home when it is dark and getting all creative and you still have to cook dinner (Oh and I have no imagination or creativity in the cooking department either). You have had a stressful day at work and all you want to do is plonk down on the couch and vegetate. One disagreement/fight/argument with Chad or Mark and my creative brain shuts down completely. My blog that I keep saying needs a change (over here and over here) and an update,  I never get to - I rather read other blogs than update mine. Today, I planned to spend time updating my blog, because Mark and Chad have gone to Bella Bella (my excuse for not going with was because I was fixing up my blog) and look at the time it is now 1pm and all I have done is this post and I am not even dressed yet. Once again life got the better of my creativity.

Friday, 25 April 2014

My Scoop Sponsored Campaigns

I have never received any compensation for my opinion or review of a product or place, be it monetary or products. Whatever I have posted about up until now has been my personal opinion of a place or product that has either worked or hasn't worked for us on our journey through life. I have never been paid to blog or received advertising revenue. My blog has been a diary of my life and the reason Why I Blog  has always been to have a journal of our memories. I had never planned to gain financially from my blog, but last year I came across My Scoop. My Scoop essentially brings brands and bloggers together. Bloggers get to monetise their blogs with sponsored posts or tweets and brands can use South Africa's biggest blog and twitter network to advertise their products. You can read more about My Scoop over here.

I signed up, but none of the campaigns appealed to me and I forgot all about it. About a month ago Tam from My Scoop contacted me via my Blog to get my contact number and then called me to tell me all about the new and improved My Scoop and all the new campaigns in the pipeline. She also explained that I would need Google Analytics on my My Scoop Profile to track my stats. I had problems with setting up my Google Analytics and Nick from My Scoop was very helpful and patient until we had it sorted. I had two Analytic profiles and My Scoop was picking up the old one from before I moved my Blog to my own domain. It is all sorted now and I am really excited about monetising my blog with sponsored posts through My Scoop. As promised in my Disclaimer, if I ever get compensated for a post I will specify that I have been compensated. All my sponsored posts will be labeled My Scoop Sponsored Campaigns. All the campaigns that I accept will be for a product that I use and know and trust or a product that I would be willing to use after hearing/reading about it. I will never accept a campaign just for the money. If it does not appeal to me as a person in my private life, I won't accept the campaign. The same would apply to places - I would not blog about a night club, because I would not go to one, but I would blog about a resort that I have never been to, but after reading about it, would want to go to it.

Image Source

I am really looking forward to this new "adventure" in my blogging world and it may appeal to you too. To become a publisher and monetise your blog, click here to sign up. If you are a business owner who just happened to read this post you might be interested in joining My Scoop as an advertiser. To read more about becoming an advertiser click here. My Scoop could be the answer to your online marketing and advertising campaigns.
I have not been compensated by My Scoop or any advertiser for this post. This post was written to explain one of the reasons why I decided that my blog needs a change.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Why is it that we sit with our heads down looking at our smart phones, updating our status on various Social Media platforms, informing complete strangers or barely known acquaintances about the fun time we are having at xyz with abc, instead of actually communicating and having said fun with abc at xyz. This is where I don't really embrace the advancement of technology, but I am just as guilty as the next person. Technology has turned us into rude bad mannered people who cannot conduct a conversation unless it is typed onto an electronic device. Last week when we were at the Bee Gee Tribute Show, whilst we were waiting for the show to start, I looked around at the incredibly quiet Showbar - and at every table, barring the one directly to the left of ours, everyone had their heads down typing furiously on their smart phones updating their statuses about the fun they are having - by the serious looks of concentration on their faces it did not look like they were having fun.


Mark forgot his phone at home (and was lost without it) otherwise we would have looked just like everyone else. I have been giving it a lot of thought since my eyes scanned that almost grim faced quiet room full of people updating their fun statuses and what a coincidence it was to find the above image whilst going through my Good Morning Nubia Emails. We need to switch off those electronic devises and start having meaningful conversations with each other, like we did prior to the advent of smart phones and electronic devises. The days when rooms were filled with the buzz of laughter and chattering voices and not the tic tic of fingers on keyboards.

And here are some quotes to get you through Thursday - and the day is almost over, my post is so late......




Oats And Honey Bread

I am totally addicted to bread - white bread; health bread; whole wheat bread; brown seed bread, almost any bread. Rye bread, I am not too crazy about, but will eat it. The only white bread that I eat is Albany bread - it is the best, whether it is eaten with butter/margarine only; marmite; cheese, chicken mayo; tuna mayo; jam - whatever, I just love Albany white bread.

Last week, I went to Woolworths to buy vegetables. Their vegetables are the best, especially their pre-packed butternut. Chad has this theory that Woolworths grows their fruit and vegetables in a laboratory, because no one sells butternut THAT good - no matter how it is cooked. No one sells mango and nectarines and blueberries that taste THAT good.

As I was rushing around the store, I went to buy bread. There is one thing that Woolworths cannot make and that is white bread. Whether it is thick sliced bread; toaster bread; easy digested bread, their white bread is just not good and none of us like it, but all their other breads are amazing. I saw this loaf of bread on the shelf, labelled "Oats and Honey" and I had to try it.

Honey & Oats Bread

I love Honey; I love Oats and I love Bread, so what a delight to find Oats and Honey bread at Woolworths. They have more than likely sold it forever, but because it looks like white bread I have obviously overlooked it in the past. I am so happy to have stumbled  (both literally and figuratively)  on this bread - it is divine and it is also Vegan, so if you are a Vegan, you can enjoy it too. Mark did not like it, but then he is not a bread person. He eats white bread and white bread rolls, but that is about it and he doesn't get the whole health and flavoured bread thing. I do and love trying new breads.....

Honey & Oats Bread With Butro
...... and this was well worth trying.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Apps - Do They Define You?

I embrace technology as much as the next person, no lets correct that and be more realistic and say as much as the third maybe fourth person. It is the curse of my generation - we know we need to advance and can't live without technology, but not so secretly prefer the days before technology advanced as rapidly as what it has. One thing about modern day technology that really irritates me to no end is people who are obsessed about apps and gadgets. You just meet someone or barely know them and the first thing they speak about is the apps they have or ask if you are a gadget person. What is a gadget and what is a gadget person and more importantly what did these people speak about or collect before gadgets and apps. It is really annoying the way some people go on about gadgets and apps, you kinda look at them and roll your eyes and wonder how far they take the app/gadgets in their daily lives - like oh gee, they are having a baby, wonder what gadget or app they used for that or oh my word imagine them on a romantic evening which app do they use. People take things too far and the word gadget could be as new as the word selfie, they way it is bandied around these days.

Photo Apps
Other than photo editing and sharing apps and a couple of other apps, I don't collect apps or need apps in my life, but do understand the use of some apps to people - just not the overboard ones. I have been looking into Menu Planning apps. We eat a ridiculous amount of fast food, it is so unhealthy and so wrong, but working long hours and then thinking about what to cook for dinner, wandering around the shops, thinking of what to buy to cook after a long day at work, it is just so much easier to just go buy take out from Nandos or KFC or Pizza Chinese whatever. I was quite oblivious to how much it costs to buy a meal at a fast food outlet. Mark normally buys the food and I just assume it is cheaper than cooking, until one night last month he came home bitching, because the food cost over R400.00 at Nandos (we buy for Sheila as well) two nights later, it was also after 7 when we left work and I had not bought anything to cook, so we bought Pizza, which was also well over R300.00. I was really shocked at the cost just for two days and we would have had take out on the Friday and either Saturday and Sunday.

Apps - The Choice Is Mind Boggling
I decided there and then that it has to stop and take out has to be a treat once in a blue moon.  The next day we placed an order with our butcher, that we use from time to time. The problem is that they used to be up the road from us, but moved about 12km's away in the opposite direction to anywhere that we go to. We collected the meat on the Friday and bought veggies on the weekend. I set myself a challenge to cook every night, including weekends. That sounds terrible, a mother that has to challenge herself to cook. I have been very good, even with Sheila on holiday - I hate cleaning as much as I hate cooking and doing dishes even more so. Yes I am lazy and a spoilt South Aftican woman, but if I can afford to give someone a job, why shouldn't I. Well even without having to shop everyday, thinking of what to take out to cook at 5 in the morning, can also be tiresome, so I have been thinking of going down the App route and getting a Menu Planning app and planning our meals. The search for the perfect app, is quite overwhelming, there are pages and pages of apps. Perhaps I should go the non technology route and get out a pen and paper or even an excel spreadsheet and plan our meals like we were taught at school during Home Economics, when we were taught to be good wives, back in the day. I clearly did not listen during those lessons and have failed dismally at running a well organised home.
So the qestion is ~ to app or not to app???

Everyone Becomes Mr Twiddle.... Eventually - Some Sooner Than Others

When I was a child I loved the Mr Twiddle books by Enid Blyton. As the media rumour mill goes, Enid Blyton hated children and it showed in her books - so they say. I loved her books regardless and even as an adult I just do not see how people can possibly say things like Noddy should be banned, because he slept with Big Ears - these are toys in a story book - get real -  only sick minded people would misconstrue something as innocent as a children's story book. Back to Mr Twiddle, he was an old man who lived with his wife and he was very forgetful, did silly things and drove his wife batty with his forgetfulness - kinda like early dementia or senility. He always lost his glasses and they were almost always on his face/head and every time I can't find my glasses, I think oh my gosh am I becoming senile. I always used to wonder how people lost their glasses, I mean you wear them so how can you lose them - well now I know.

Biofinity Contact Lenses and Paraphernalia 
I have worn contact lenses for most of my life with a break in between every now and again, where I wore glasses. Four years ago when I had my eyes tested, I was told I had to wear bifocals or multi-focals - Um no thank you. Not because I am vain, OK, I don't exactly like wearing glasses, but bifocals seriously. The other solution was wearing contact lenses and glasses to read/computer/closeup. I cannot read at all with my contacts, I can't even see numbers on my phone or laptop,  so have reading glasses and contact lenses. When I wear my normal glasses, I take them off to read, but struggle with computer work. Lately, as in the past 5 or 6 years my contact lenses become mucky and blurry and irritate me so much, what is worse is that for the past two years, my contact lenses just tear or I tear them. I never used to tear them and I think it is the Biofinity lenses. I have in one week torn 3 as I have taken them out the pouch. I bought new ones in December, that should last 6 months, I can stretch that to 10 months and have stretched them to 12 months. Not even four months and I have one lens left. Last night as I took the left one out, it shot off out my eye, never to be seen again.

Using A Torch Makes Looking For Dropped Contact Lenses Easier

Out came the torch, on went the distance glasses. Did you know that using a torch makes finding a lost contact lens much easier. The contact lens is more visible with a torch light than just using your normal lights. You do leave your light on and use the torch to look for the lens - even in daylight. I have never not found a contact lens using a torch, except for last night and I have no contact lenses left, thanks to all of them that tear. Strangely it is always the left eye that I tear, never the right, even though I have had to use the right lens in my left eye, as I tore three lenses in one week - all left. I was so stressed looking for the lens, I thought I saw it lying on the floor, took off my glasses to pick it up - it was a piece of plastic from a make up brush - that's right I can't see that well. I then searched and searched for my glasses, I was getting so frustrated, because how could I now lose my glasses, I have not left my bedroom and my bedroom is not big at all. I was getting hot and flustered and then the Mr Twiddle moment presented itself - my glasses were on my head!!! I have noticed that the more stressed I get, the more my Mr Twiddle moments happen. Once at work, I was late and rushed off my feet, a client arrived, I could not find my reading glasses, so could not see, I was getting all flustered and stressed. I sent one of our staff members to my car to look for my glasses, he couldn't find them. When he came back to the office, after not finding my glasses in the car, he was standing behind the customer pointing to my head. I thought he was going mad until my Mr Twiddle moment presented its self.  My glasses were on top of my head and he did not want to embarrass me and say it out aloud, in front of the client. I felt like such an idiot.

Source Of Image
It scares me that I am far too young to have Mr Twiddle moments and it definitely happens when I am tired and very stressed. It is far worse since I gave up smoking and I have even tried taking Omega 3 and 6 supplements, they just make me eat more and I don't need help in that department. I have read that a cluttered work space and a cluttered home can make your mind very cluttered and that is how I am feeling right now. My desk and office is cluttered and messy, our house is messy and cluttered, more so since Sheila has been on leave and my brain is really messy and cluttered. Instead of taking the time to sort it all out and get organised, I procrastinate and let it build up like a tumbleweed in the wind, resulting in me being stressed and flustered at not finding anything. Now a week of no contact lenses to add to the mix grrrr.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter 2014

With no small children in the house and no religious traditions or celebrations, Easter is just a long weekend for us. I know Easter Eggs and Chocolate has no age limit, especially in our house, but by the time Easter comes around, we are pretty "Easter Egg'ed" out, so this morning there were no Easter Eggs. I did go to Woolworths Northgate yesterday to get us each a Lindt Bunny, but they were all sold out and as much as I love Woolworths Easter Eggs, the dreggs left on the shelves just were not worth buying or standing in long queues for. I then thought I would go to our local Woolies, but Mark and Chad didn't have house keys and they had phoned me about three times, whilst I was shopping, asking how long I would be and I got irritated so just left the Easter Egg last minute shopping. Chad was not entirely deprived for Easter, I bought him new clothes ~ photo shoot to follow in future posts :-) besides Easter Eggs do not suit his fitness and gym’ing image. So here is to a chocolate free Easter.

Bee Gee Tribute Ticket
           Last night we went to see the Bee Gees Tribute Show at the Odeon Showbar at Emperors Palace, featuring Paul Buckby, Mark Richardson and Luciano Zuppa. It is not something we would have ordinarily done, the driving all the way to Emperors Palace 30km's away on a Saturday night, that is- but Mark is mates with one of the guys in the show and he likes the Bee Gees, so we went. We were meant to go last weekend, but left the ticket buying too late, the story of our lives, and the show was sold out, so this weekend it was. I only saw now, that the show was "No Under  18" no one even questioned Chad's age and I really did not know - apparently Chad and Mark did know. The show certainly was not x-rated so I am guessing because it was in a "pub" that the "No Under 18" restriction was in place. Sorry Emperors, I did not know that and a good thing to, otherwise I would have stressed the whole night and not enjoyed the show.

My 16 year old going on 30 year old

Chad certainly does not look 18, but he must have, because no one questioned him, even at the bar, they served him not Mark, not that they drank. I had a J&B, they had creme-sodas. The show was fantastic and the singers sounded just like the Bee Gees. It was so good, you were transported back in time to Saturday Night Fever 1977. There were times that I probably looked bored, because I was deep in thought as I was transported back to all those memories. The two dancers were just as fantastic and energetic. They had a smile on their faces the whole time throughout their routines and not a false smile pasted on, but a genuine, I am having so much fun smile. Their outfits were brilliant and Chad was definitely not oblivious to the skimpily clad dancers. He did not want to go, because "Who are the Bee Gees anyway", but he really enjoyed the show and knew most of the songs from Mark's CD's after all. He was astonished at how Paul Buckby went from his normal deep voice to the high pitched tones so effortlessly. The show is a definite must see for Bee Gee fans and anyone really.

Before The Show 

My photos are really bad, as it was very dark inside, I had two very reluctant models and my blackberry. They both look high or very drunk, but neither touched alcohol - those are creme-sodas. We were not impressed with the Odeon Showbar or Emperors Palace as a whole. I don't know why they build casinos in the dodgiest of places. We have never been to Emperors Palace before, so was not even sure where it was. Once you are off the highway, you travel along very dark dingy roads and the intersections just outside Emperors is pitch black with no lights at all and you would think Emperors would pay for the roads agency to put up street lights. Whether we live in fear of crime in South Africa or not - hijackings are a reality and dark alley way type roads are not very safe or welcoming. The Odeon Showbar was also a let down. To get a waiter to serve you was almost impossible and when we finally managed to get a waiter to come to our table, I ordered a Fisherman's Basket, but they did not have hake, so could not do the Fisherman Basket - come on this is Emperors Palace, not some small time restaurant. I then had a snacker basket (I think it was called that) we all had the same in the end. The chips looked and tasted like they had been reheated ten times, the spring rolls and samosas were terrible and the two buffalo wings were the only half decent item on the plate - did not even come in a basket.

Chad looking very yellow ~ thanks Blackberry
After the show, we went to Ocean Basket for late dinner after the dismal baskets and the food at Ocean Basket was just as awful. I had Pick Of The Ocean, Chad had a Platter for One and Mark had 3 Way Calamari. None of us enjoyed our food and we always eat at Ocean Basket in Northgate and have fantastic food at Northgate Ocean Basket - especially Calamari, but I never touched my calamari, neither did Chad. Mark hardly touched his food. It was really disappointing that a good night of entertainment was marred by below average food and service. The show however is a must see and this is totally my opinion. At R80.00 a ticket it was well worth it and unfortunately next weekend is the last show.

Look The Easter Bunny Did Come

Update - I started this post this morning, became irritated at my slow internet connection, showered; dressed went to Spar to buy stuff to bake a Lemon Meringue and found a stack of Lindt Easter bunnies just waiting for me to take them home - so we are having a chocolate Easter after all - not so sure about the baking - it is a bit late now- we will see.

Wishing you lots and lots of Easter chocs

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