Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Apps - Do They Define You?

I embrace technology as much as the next person, no lets correct that and be more realistic and say as much as the third maybe fourth person. It is the curse of my generation - we know we need to advance and can't live without technology, but not so secretly prefer the days before technology advanced as rapidly as what it has. One thing about modern day technology that really irritates me to no end is people who are obsessed about apps and gadgets. You just meet someone or barely know them and the first thing they speak about is the apps they have or ask if you are a gadget person. What is a gadget and what is a gadget person and more importantly what did these people speak about or collect before gadgets and apps. It is really annoying the way some people go on about gadgets and apps, you kinda look at them and roll your eyes and wonder how far they take the app/gadgets in their daily lives - like oh gee, they are having a baby, wonder what gadget or app they used for that or oh my word imagine them on a romantic evening which app do they use. People take things too far and the word gadget could be as new as the word selfie, they way it is bandied around these days.

Photo Apps
Other than photo editing and sharing apps and a couple of other apps, I don't collect apps or need apps in my life, but do understand the use of some apps to people - just not the overboard ones. I have been looking into Menu Planning apps. We eat a ridiculous amount of fast food, it is so unhealthy and so wrong, but working long hours and then thinking about what to cook for dinner, wandering around the shops, thinking of what to buy to cook after a long day at work, it is just so much easier to just go buy take out from Nandos or KFC or Pizza Chinese whatever. I was quite oblivious to how much it costs to buy a meal at a fast food outlet. Mark normally buys the food and I just assume it is cheaper than cooking, until one night last month he came home bitching, because the food cost over R400.00 at Nandos (we buy for Sheila as well) two nights later, it was also after 7 when we left work and I had not bought anything to cook, so we bought Pizza, which was also well over R300.00. I was really shocked at the cost just for two days and we would have had take out on the Friday and either Saturday and Sunday.

Apps - The Choice Is Mind Boggling
I decided there and then that it has to stop and take out has to be a treat once in a blue moon.  The next day we placed an order with our butcher, that we use from time to time. The problem is that they used to be up the road from us, but moved about 12km's away in the opposite direction to anywhere that we go to. We collected the meat on the Friday and bought veggies on the weekend. I set myself a challenge to cook every night, including weekends. That sounds terrible, a mother that has to challenge herself to cook. I have been very good, even with Sheila on holiday - I hate cleaning as much as I hate cooking and doing dishes even more so. Yes I am lazy and a spoilt South Aftican woman, but if I can afford to give someone a job, why shouldn't I. Well even without having to shop everyday, thinking of what to take out to cook at 5 in the morning, can also be tiresome, so I have been thinking of going down the App route and getting a Menu Planning app and planning our meals. The search for the perfect app, is quite overwhelming, there are pages and pages of apps. Perhaps I should go the non technology route and get out a pen and paper or even an excel spreadsheet and plan our meals like we were taught at school during Home Economics, when we were taught to be good wives, back in the day. I clearly did not listen during those lessons and have failed dismally at running a well organised home.
So the qestion is ~ to app or not to app???

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