Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter 2014

With no small children in the house and no religious traditions or celebrations, Easter is just a long weekend for us. I know Easter Eggs and Chocolate has no age limit, especially in our house, but by the time Easter comes around, we are pretty "Easter Egg'ed" out, so this morning there were no Easter Eggs. I did go to Woolworths Northgate yesterday to get us each a Lindt Bunny, but they were all sold out and as much as I love Woolworths Easter Eggs, the dreggs left on the shelves just were not worth buying or standing in long queues for. I then thought I would go to our local Woolies, but Mark and Chad didn't have house keys and they had phoned me about three times, whilst I was shopping, asking how long I would be and I got irritated so just left the Easter Egg last minute shopping. Chad was not entirely deprived for Easter, I bought him new clothes ~ photo shoot to follow in future posts :-) besides Easter Eggs do not suit his fitness and gym’ing image. So here is to a chocolate free Easter.

Bee Gee Tribute Ticket
           Last night we went to see the Bee Gees Tribute Show at the Odeon Showbar at Emperors Palace, featuring Paul Buckby, Mark Richardson and Luciano Zuppa. It is not something we would have ordinarily done, the driving all the way to Emperors Palace 30km's away on a Saturday night, that is- but Mark is mates with one of the guys in the show and he likes the Bee Gees, so we went. We were meant to go last weekend, but left the ticket buying too late, the story of our lives, and the show was sold out, so this weekend it was. I only saw now, that the show was "No Under  18" no one even questioned Chad's age and I really did not know - apparently Chad and Mark did know. The show certainly was not x-rated so I am guessing because it was in a "pub" that the "No Under 18" restriction was in place. Sorry Emperors, I did not know that and a good thing to, otherwise I would have stressed the whole night and not enjoyed the show.

My 16 year old going on 30 year old

Chad certainly does not look 18, but he must have, because no one questioned him, even at the bar, they served him not Mark, not that they drank. I had a J&B, they had creme-sodas. The show was fantastic and the singers sounded just like the Bee Gees. It was so good, you were transported back in time to Saturday Night Fever 1977. There were times that I probably looked bored, because I was deep in thought as I was transported back to all those memories. The two dancers were just as fantastic and energetic. They had a smile on their faces the whole time throughout their routines and not a false smile pasted on, but a genuine, I am having so much fun smile. Their outfits were brilliant and Chad was definitely not oblivious to the skimpily clad dancers. He did not want to go, because "Who are the Bee Gees anyway", but he really enjoyed the show and knew most of the songs from Mark's CD's after all. He was astonished at how Paul Buckby went from his normal deep voice to the high pitched tones so effortlessly. The show is a definite must see for Bee Gee fans and anyone really.

Before The Show 

My photos are really bad, as it was very dark inside, I had two very reluctant models and my blackberry. They both look high or very drunk, but neither touched alcohol - those are creme-sodas. We were not impressed with the Odeon Showbar or Emperors Palace as a whole. I don't know why they build casinos in the dodgiest of places. We have never been to Emperors Palace before, so was not even sure where it was. Once you are off the highway, you travel along very dark dingy roads and the intersections just outside Emperors is pitch black with no lights at all and you would think Emperors would pay for the roads agency to put up street lights. Whether we live in fear of crime in South Africa or not - hijackings are a reality and dark alley way type roads are not very safe or welcoming. The Odeon Showbar was also a let down. To get a waiter to serve you was almost impossible and when we finally managed to get a waiter to come to our table, I ordered a Fisherman's Basket, but they did not have hake, so could not do the Fisherman Basket - come on this is Emperors Palace, not some small time restaurant. I then had a snacker basket (I think it was called that) we all had the same in the end. The chips looked and tasted like they had been reheated ten times, the spring rolls and samosas were terrible and the two buffalo wings were the only half decent item on the plate - did not even come in a basket.

Chad looking very yellow ~ thanks Blackberry
After the show, we went to Ocean Basket for late dinner after the dismal baskets and the food at Ocean Basket was just as awful. I had Pick Of The Ocean, Chad had a Platter for One and Mark had 3 Way Calamari. None of us enjoyed our food and we always eat at Ocean Basket in Northgate and have fantastic food at Northgate Ocean Basket - especially Calamari, but I never touched my calamari, neither did Chad. Mark hardly touched his food. It was really disappointing that a good night of entertainment was marred by below average food and service. The show however is a must see and this is totally my opinion. At R80.00 a ticket it was well worth it and unfortunately next weekend is the last show.

Look The Easter Bunny Did Come

Update - I started this post this morning, became irritated at my slow internet connection, showered; dressed went to Spar to buy stuff to bake a Lemon Meringue and found a stack of Lindt Easter bunnies just waiting for me to take them home - so we are having a chocolate Easter after all - not so sure about the baking - it is a bit late now- we will see.

Wishing you lots and lots of Easter chocs

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