Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Everyone Becomes Mr Twiddle.... Eventually - Some Sooner Than Others

When I was a child I loved the Mr Twiddle books by Enid Blyton. As the media rumour mill goes, Enid Blyton hated children and it showed in her books - so they say. I loved her books regardless and even as an adult I just do not see how people can possibly say things like Noddy should be banned, because he slept with Big Ears - these are toys in a story book - get real -  only sick minded people would misconstrue something as innocent as a children's story book. Back to Mr Twiddle, he was an old man who lived with his wife and he was very forgetful, did silly things and drove his wife batty with his forgetfulness - kinda like early dementia or senility. He always lost his glasses and they were almost always on his face/head and every time I can't find my glasses, I think oh my gosh am I becoming senile. I always used to wonder how people lost their glasses, I mean you wear them so how can you lose them - well now I know.

Biofinity Contact Lenses and Paraphernalia 
I have worn contact lenses for most of my life with a break in between every now and again, where I wore glasses. Four years ago when I had my eyes tested, I was told I had to wear bifocals or multi-focals - Um no thank you. Not because I am vain, OK, I don't exactly like wearing glasses, but bifocals seriously. The other solution was wearing contact lenses and glasses to read/computer/closeup. I cannot read at all with my contacts, I can't even see numbers on my phone or laptop,  so have reading glasses and contact lenses. When I wear my normal glasses, I take them off to read, but struggle with computer work. Lately, as in the past 5 or 6 years my contact lenses become mucky and blurry and irritate me so much, what is worse is that for the past two years, my contact lenses just tear or I tear them. I never used to tear them and I think it is the Biofinity lenses. I have in one week torn 3 as I have taken them out the pouch. I bought new ones in December, that should last 6 months, I can stretch that to 10 months and have stretched them to 12 months. Not even four months and I have one lens left. Last night as I took the left one out, it shot off out my eye, never to be seen again.

Using A Torch Makes Looking For Dropped Contact Lenses Easier

Out came the torch, on went the distance glasses. Did you know that using a torch makes finding a lost contact lens much easier. The contact lens is more visible with a torch light than just using your normal lights. You do leave your light on and use the torch to look for the lens - even in daylight. I have never not found a contact lens using a torch, except for last night and I have no contact lenses left, thanks to all of them that tear. Strangely it is always the left eye that I tear, never the right, even though I have had to use the right lens in my left eye, as I tore three lenses in one week - all left. I was so stressed looking for the lens, I thought I saw it lying on the floor, took off my glasses to pick it up - it was a piece of plastic from a make up brush - that's right I can't see that well. I then searched and searched for my glasses, I was getting so frustrated, because how could I now lose my glasses, I have not left my bedroom and my bedroom is not big at all. I was getting hot and flustered and then the Mr Twiddle moment presented itself - my glasses were on my head!!! I have noticed that the more stressed I get, the more my Mr Twiddle moments happen. Once at work, I was late and rushed off my feet, a client arrived, I could not find my reading glasses, so could not see, I was getting all flustered and stressed. I sent one of our staff members to my car to look for my glasses, he couldn't find them. When he came back to the office, after not finding my glasses in the car, he was standing behind the customer pointing to my head. I thought he was going mad until my Mr Twiddle moment presented its self.  My glasses were on top of my head and he did not want to embarrass me and say it out aloud, in front of the client. I felt like such an idiot.

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It scares me that I am far too young to have Mr Twiddle moments and it definitely happens when I am tired and very stressed. It is far worse since I gave up smoking and I have even tried taking Omega 3 and 6 supplements, they just make me eat more and I don't need help in that department. I have read that a cluttered work space and a cluttered home can make your mind very cluttered and that is how I am feeling right now. My desk and office is cluttered and messy, our house is messy and cluttered, more so since Sheila has been on leave and my brain is really messy and cluttered. Instead of taking the time to sort it all out and get organised, I procrastinate and let it build up like a tumbleweed in the wind, resulting in me being stressed and flustered at not finding anything. Now a week of no contact lenses to add to the mix grrrr.

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